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How do you tell a five year old about what happened in Vegas?

Eileen Quinn Knight. PhD


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This morning one of my students asked me: ”How do you tell a five year old about what happened in Vegas?”  I told her to ask the child to take a moment and ask God for rest for all the people who died. The student was hoping that I would have a better explanation to give to her 5 year old.  I asked all the students to pray with me for peace and goodness in our world.  I asked God to assist us in being people of peace and goodness. I said to the students that today we would encourage one other person to be aware of the goodness in another and tell them so. And so we prayed:

Good and gracious God, I am sad for the many violent acts that took place in Vegas. We ask for help for both the living and the dead.  The pain of the living is beyond our belief and so Lord we offer it to you. The 58 dead have the peace of eternity and so we ask you to bless them.  We are especially concerned about our family and friends who feel that there is no hope. We see on the concert grounds some of the things that are important to us: shoes, cell phones, socks, and sweaters…all things we have as part of our possessions. We see how they let them go to flee.  Grant them hope Lord that we can understand what to do to bring peace to a strife torn world.  Let us reach out to others with compassion and kindness.  Help us bring the love you show each one of us to each person we meet today and always. We ask you this through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord.