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Acts of War

Updated: Feb 15


Prayer for Peace in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza

Lord of all Compassion, we pray during these difficult days for all the peoples of the Holy Land.

May the gentleness of Christ prevail through the pain of conflict and mistrust,

May the presence of Christ heal the wounds that are inflicted,

May the hope and courage of Christ be with all who are desperate and dying,

May the truth of Christ enlighten those in positions of authority to seek new ways of living that foster harmony and mutual respect, and

May the peace of Christ dwell deep within the hearts of all in this the Land of the Holy One.

We ask this and all our prayers through the same, Jesus Christ, whose way is the most excellent way of love.


by Rev David Longe, FHL Trustee and former Chaplain to the Archbishop in Jerusalem

Prayer for the Victims of the Violence in the Middle East Oh Lord, we join together with Pope Francis,

praying for an end to the conflict between Israel and the terrorist Hamas,

and between Israeli Jews and Palestinians.

We join together in prayer for all of the victims of this conflict,

men, women, parents,

and especially the children

who have died or been wounded.

May you take them into your infinite Love, Oh Lord,

and give them and their families peace

and hope for a better future for all.

Oh Lord, we pray that our country and other democracies

around the world

will be able to work together to help to end this terrible conflict

so that those who have been harmed

and the families of children who have been killed or hurt

may mourn and begin to heal

in a way that will ensure a peaceful resolution of this conflict

and find a path to lasting peace,

living together in harmony and community

rather than conflict.

by Dr. Eugene Fishe rProfiles in Catholicism

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