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An Interview with Amanda Lauer

Gordon: Where did you attend University and what was your major?

Amanda: I went to school at UW-Madison with the intent to study chemical engineering. However, at the end of my first semester, my husband (boyfriend at the time) proposed, so I disenrolled, came back home and took a job in the proofreading field for an insurance company. (BTW, John and I have been married 41 years, 4 kids, 7 grandkids! It turned out to be the best decision of my life!)

Gordon: When and how long did you work as Proofreader/ Writer at Journal Community Publications?

Amanda: I was there 2.5 years. After 9/11, the company shut down its regional newspapers which included our office. From there I went into freelance proofreading and journalism.

Gordon: What were some of the publications that featured your work as writer and photographer?

Amanda: The Business News, The Compass (Green Bay Diocesan newspaper), CNS (Catholic News Service), The Post-Crescent, Luxury Living, Your Health.

Gordon: When did you begin working as freelance journalist and photographer at All Write Now and what do you enjoy most about your work?

Amanda: I started that in 2002 and to date have had 1632 articles published in newspapers and magazines across the country. I enjoy meeting people and telling their stories. This may be the only time they'll have the spotlight so I strive to do the best job I can with each article I write.

Gordon: You also work at Enagic Corp. What are your primary responsibilities?

Amanda: My husband and I are independent distributors of Kangen Water ionizers for Enagic Corp. We educate people about the health benefits of ionized water and process sales for people investing in Enagic water ionizers.

Gordon: What film did you work on and what were your primary responsibilities?

Amanda: I was an extra in the movie Public Enemies. I was the co-writer of the movie The Islands, which won the Red Letter Awards 2020 Best Screenplay.

Gordon: What inspired you to write A World Such as Heaven Intended and what prize was it awarded?

Amanda: I have always been an avid reader and love historical fiction romance novels. I wanted to write a wholesome novel in that genre. I won the 2016 YA CALA Award (Catholic Arts & Letters). It also has received the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval.

Gordon: Thank you for an incisive interview.

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