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An Interview with Dr. Anoop Sampath, MBBS, MD

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Alwin Rex: Could you tell us about your background, how your family is so much a part of that background?

Dr. Anoop: I went to medical school in my native Vavarai in Kanyakumari district, Tamilnadu. My father Dr. N. Sampath was a government official who retired as joint director of health services Kanyakumari district. My mother Ms. Stella Infanta was a post-graduate teacher. My brother Dr. S. K. Binoop is working as a pediatrician.

After my schooling, I did my MBBS and MD from 2001 to 2011 in Rajah Muthiah Medical College, Cidambaram, where I was really fortunate to learn the skills of medicine by the abundant grace of God.

I always feel connected to the social roots in my native Kanyakumari. I always have an inner feeling that my skills and service must reach the needy in a remote areas like the southern tip of our country.

Fortunately, I started my practice at Dr. Smerwell Memorial Medical College, Karakonam Trivandrum district, Kerala since it was nearby me.

Then I got appointed to government service in Edaicode Primary Health Centre in 2012 and completed 10 years of government service with seven academic best-performed doctors from the Government of Tamilnadu and won the best doctor award from the Honourable Health Minister in 2017.

Alwin Rex: What are the most difficult responsibilities that you have had in your work? What are some of the most pleasant responsibilities?

Dr. Anoop: Being a doctor that too an anesthesiologist and critical care physician, I have to deal with emergencies 24/7 dealing with sick and terminally ill patients out of accidents, poisoning, head injury, cardiac illness, etc, In times of Covid-19, I had to face lot of challenges even though with all personal protective equipment mask, face shield it was really a challenging to deal with Covid patients coming for surgery and Covid- affected patients on ICU and ventilator. I feel proud as an intensivist. Even though I was Covid-positive three times, I was able to treat countless patients this was the most difficult and pleasant responsibility I ever faced.

Alwin Rex: When you see a patient, how do you diagnose their condition?

Dr. Anoop: When I examine a person as an emergency care doctor, I can identify via clinical examination, blood tests, ECG, ECHO, SpO2, and so on …whether he needs any medical attention immediately, or needs intensive care, or can b discharged after consultation.

Alwin Rex: As a doctor, what is your advice to people on their societal responsibilities?

Dr. Anoop: I like to advise that the only thing a human should understand is that he must be useful to the society or the community around him.

From a healthy psychological perspective, reduce stress, be kind, do no harm, never judge anyone, and do some charity when you can.

From a healthy physical perspective

  1. Exercise 20 minutes a day

  2. Drink more water

  3. Reduce intake

  4. Stop smoking

  5. Maintain a healthy diet and avoid or reduce eating reduce sugar, salt, and oil

  6. Always wear a seatbelt and helmet when driving.

  7. Maintain adequate personal hygiene

Alwin Rex: You work hard day and night for the well-being of the people. What impact does this have upon your family?

Dr. Anoop: Family is a fundamental unit of society. Only when we have a supportive and understanding family can we give 1000% output in work with involvement and dedication.

Being a doctor, we need to work day and night sacrificing family, sleep, and rest, without food and at times it is not possible to do our own personal work. But this sacrifice is definitely for the betterment of a patient and his family so I do feel as a God-sent selected person to do this job.

Alwin Rex: Is there any harm in taking prescription drugs?

Dr. Anoop: Perception drugs may have side effects. When the disease is deadly or severe, the side effects are worth the


Some medicines may cause temporary ailments which will revert back to normal in a span of time. As a medical practitioner, I request every one to take medications on time to overcome the disease as early as possible.

When a cancer patient requires chemotherapy, there is sometimes a risk that the patient may die, The side effects like loss of hair, weight loss, and gastritis are common, but there is no choice. We need to take with a positive attitude and surrender to God.

Alwin Rex: What are some of the advancements in modern medicine?

Dr. Anoop: One advancement is that in case of an accident, when t a person's hand is being cut or crushed or a finger being cut off by machinery, that can be fixed back and brought back to normal function.

Likewise, a baby born without a nose, ears or lips that can be treated by plastic surgery and so that the patient can have an organ as normal as others.

Alwin Rex: Tell us about the challenges in the medical field and the efforts that are being made to deal with them more effectively?

Dr. Anoop: The main challenge is the economy or the capacity of the patient to receive the best healthcare in a developing country like India, the health infrastructure and healthcare professionals' availability should be made surplus so that the best of healthcare should reach every citizen of India.

Here are some recommendations for these countries.

  1. Everyone should pay taxes regularly, so as to improve the economy of the country.

  2. The insurance sector has to improve still more so that every man will get cashless treatment from any specialty hospital.

  3. We need to address Mixopathy. That means mixing of all systems of medicine together that will be the biggest threat to the public. because every other system of medicine like ayurvedic, Siddha, homeopathy, and modern medicine have their own individuality and systematic way of practice. S it is always better to practice purity of medicine. It is better not to mix all the systems of medicine.

Alwin Rex: In the time of Covid-19, the medical field faced enormous challenges. The preventive measures taken by the medical departments are commendable. What is your advice to our magazine readers and others to overcome

fear of Covid-19?

Dr. Anoop: Now that everyone in the world knows about Covid-19, they should realize that there are many communicable diseases in our environment. So basically it’s better to avoid crowds maintain good hand hygiene, wear masks always, and use sanitizers when possible until WHO lifts up the restrictions. Educate others whenever you can so we all together can make a better tomorrow. God bless you and thank you.

Alwin Rex: I really appreciate your excellent interview and thank you, Doctor.

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