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An Interview with Fabrizio Mastrofini

by Gordon Nary

Gordon: When did you attend Sapienza University of Rome, what degree did you earn, and what is one of your favorite memories when you were there?

I graduated in Philosophy in 1982, with a thesis on "Marxism and Christianity in the Writings of Giulio Girardi," an Italian scholar of the twentieth century who was a Catholic priest of the Salesian Congregation. Because of his intellectual commitment he was hindered and opposed and for this reason after many years he decided to leave the priesthood. There are in his books many inspiring aspect and reflections, in a period of intellectual and political turmoil and debate, in the society and Italian Church. My best memories in La Spienza University of Rome, concern the intellectual relationship established with the professor thesis advisor, of the Chair of Modern and Contemporary Philosophy, and with the professor of Theoretical Philosophy, two professors who were very focused on the needs and questions of the students and always helpful.

Gordon: When did you attend Sapienza University of Rome, what degree did you earn, what was your favorite course, and why was it your favorite?

Fabrizio: I did exams in three main areas: modern and contemporary philosophy, history of religions, and history. Here among all I was impressed by the medieval history course, with a professor who was able to open the minds of me as a student, teaching a new approach, oriented to study the development and dynamics of societies and not only facts and dates of political events.

Gordon: When wer3 you appointed Chief Editor at Vatican Radio, what are you primary responsibilities, and what is one of your favorite programs that you produced?

Fabrizio: I started working at Vatican Radio in 1987, in the daily radio broadcasting. In 1999 I became editor-in-chief and in this role I worked in the Radio Central Editorial Office. I followed some of the Italian and international trips of John Paul II and Benedict XVI. I accompanied the transformation of programs and ways of working, in the transition from analog to digital production. The last program I supervised, between 2015 and 2017, was in collaboration with the Diocese of Rome, and it was a "journey" in the parishes, to tell concretely how the Pope's Diocese lives and acts.

Gordon: You are also the Social Media Manager and Press Officer for Pontifical Academy for Life, What are you primary responsibilities?

Fabrizio: Since 2017 I have been in charge of directing the Communications of the Pontifical Academy for Life. I am in charge of monitoring the media, to know what they are saying about the Pontifical Academy. When necessary I prepare press releases. Then I maintain relations with journalists, and take care of the Pontifical Academy's social media (Twitter, Facebook) and website ( In 2022, last year, I received my Ph.D. in Communication Sciences from the Pontifical Salesian University in Rome, because I felt the need to better qualify my cultural background.

Gordon: How is the Vatican trying to address the abortion challenge?

Fabrizio: I think that abortion, even one single abortion, is a defeat for society and for human dignity. The challenge to respond to is to protect all human life, at all its stages, and to grow in societies a culture of true protection and defense of life. That is why the Pontifical Academy for Life, along the lines of Pope Francis, defends not only the lives of the unborn, but the lives of all, says ‘no’ to wars, poverty, heinous killings and crimes, suicides (I am thinking especially of young people). But beyond the Pontifical Academy for Life, the protection of human life, always and everywhere, is one of my deepest conviction.

Gordon: Thank you for an exceptional interview.

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