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An Interview with Faust Ruggiero, M.S

by TJ Tauriello

TJ: When did you attend the Mansfield University, what degree did you earn, and what is one of your favorite memories when you were there?

Faust: I attended Mansfield university from 1973 until 1977. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Mansfield, and was the student representative to the Psychology Department. I think something that stood out for me during those years was when a Psychology professor asked me, in my undergraduate junior year, to conduct a seminar for graduate students to be held on a weekly basis for his Abnormal psychology class. It started slow with the graduate students expressing concerns about an undergraduate instructing them, but quickly turned into a very productive experience, one that they embraced, and one that had much to do with my movement forward in the field of Psychology.

TJ: When did you attend Illinois State university, what degree did you earn, what was your favorite course, and why was it your favorite?

Faust: I attended Illinois State university from 1977 until 1979. I received my Masters of Science degree in Psychology, and held assistantships in both teaching and research. It was a wonderful experience there as I was allowed to, within department guidelines, design my own curriculum. I wanted to blend the Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and research into a design that was a bit more cohesive than colleges tended to offer. That said, Clinical Psychology was certainly my favorite course, and paved you the way for my experiences in the research, both at the university level, and beyond.

TJ: Please share with our readies an overview of your responsibilities and achievements as Executive Director of Phillies Fan Central

Faust: I started Phillies Fan Central in 1994, the year Major League Baseball had its first work stoppage. In that year, we called the organization Phillies Fan Union, and it brought Phillies fans together toward a common goal of enhanced communication with the organization. Fifteen years ago, with that communication system in place, we renamed the program Phillies Fan Central. We continue to provide Phillies fans with an avenue of communication to the organization, and keep them up to date with everything happening in all facets, and at all levels of the Phillies organization. Next year will be our thirtieth year providing services Phillies fans.

TJ: You have been doing a popular podcast for several years, Please provide an over of the podcast series. Faust: When I began The Fix Yourself Empowerment Program, I wanted to communicate all the good work we were doing, and I designed The Fix Yourself Podcast. Each time I do a podcast, I select the topic that is either inspiring, or communicates information relative to some specific problem I see occurring in today's society. My goal in everything I do is to help people increase their confidence, faith, and their love for themselves and each other. The podcast is one way to help communicate those goals.

TJ: Please share with our readers an overview of your book “The Fix Yourself Handbook” - Using The Process Way Of Life to Transform Your Life into a Happy, Healthy Journey

Faust: When I began the design for The Fix Yourself Handbook, my goals were to do something a bit different than I had seen in other self-help books. First I wanted the book to address many of today's problems people are facing, rather than one single problem, as is typical for most self-help books. Second, I wanted the book to be presented in short chapters that help maintain people's attention, and provide the information they are looking for in a direct, straightforward fashion. I also wanted to provide them with action steps at the end of each chapter to help them make the changes to improve their lives. Third, I wanted the book to be presented as a journey, so that it can simulate a person's ability to grow as their life progresses. Lastly, I wanted it to be a journey from confused and conflicted to one of productivity, happiness, faith, and something I call pure love, that is, spiritual love. I use the processes which are all outlined in the book to help the readers understand how to implement change, and to give them an applicable way to become happier and more connected.

TJ: You have counseled many people over the years on substance abuse and their challenges in prisons, nursing homes, and inpatient facilities. Please share an overview of one of your counseling sessions that you are proudest of.

Faust: For me, it's difficult to single out one particular counseling experience. As a Christian, everything I do is designed to bring people closer to the Lord, and to help them understand how to move from the worldly distractions that cause so much pain and into a more spiritual way to live. I infuse all my counseling sessions with this energy, truly love everyone I have been blessed to spend time with, and after well over four decades, still love what I do.

TJ: Thank you for an exceptional interview.

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