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An Interview with Heather Boukhold

This interview of Heather Boukhold was conducted after she finished her RCIA program at Holy Name Cathedral in May of 2018.

by Elaine Quinn Knight , PhD

Dr. Knight:  Why did you choose Catholicism?

Heather:     I was raised in the Lutheran religion and always enjoyed church. However, every time I walked into Holy Name Cathedral I would cry, and I’m not a crier. I loved the traditions and practices. In our busy world that is ever-changing, I appreciated Catholicism maintaining their traditions and not changing just because that is where society was. 

Dr. Knight: What about the program made sense to you?

Heather:    The program reinforced the practice of love your neighbor as I have loved you. Once again the competitive and stressful world I choose to live does not value taking the time to love and care for others. We all are in a community that wants the basic of wanting to feel loved, be seen, and cared for. The program and the Catholic religion emphasizes this to me. 

The program offered me the next step to investigate more about Catholicism and let me search out my own journey. I had heard many negative comments about the Catholic religion and wanted my own experience getting to know more about it. I always think of the quote “contempt before investigation.” I search out more before I judge and form a final opinion. 

Dr. Knight: How did you participate in the program?

Heather:   RCIA offered a well-organized and thoughtful program. With the guidance of leaders, we attended church every Sunday in the front row which was first for me! After Church we participated in teachings of the church from the sacraments, how to live as a Catholic, Catholic customs, and traditions. The leaders were always able for questions and I never felt uncomfortable asking them. 

Dr. Knight: What were the strengths of the program?

Heather:     The strengths of the program were the teachers/Fathers and their knowledge, the retreat, the community, and fellowship. 

Dr. Knight: How did your relationship with Christ change and  grow stronger?

Heather:     As with anything I put time and work into becoming stronger. Coming to church, listening to the homilies, talking with others, asking questions, and taking it all in has strengthened my relationship with Christ. I have grown in my relationship and in my heart. For me matters of the heart take time, patience, and an element of mystery which I call faith. God to me is now a source of strength and more tangible through prayer. I’m still “struggling” with God rising in three days, but take what you want and leave the rest for now. It will come in time on my journey on getting to know God more. 

Dr. Knight: How can we show society that we are Disciples of Christ?

Heather:     I was drawn to the Catholic Church and Christ through people in my life who practice what they preach. They are loving, patient, open to help, supportive family members, and just good people. Through their actions I was able to see what they had and a common denominator was religion and surprisingly the Catholic Church. God keeps it simple for me love others more than yourself, forgive others, and know he/she is God. Having God in my life allows me to reflect in my actions what it means to becomes a disciple of Christ. 

Dr. Knight: Why do we need others on the path to discipleship?

Heather:     We need others to help guide us in the right directions with a sense of accountability. We practice our faith with others because we are not perfect and will make mistakes and we look to others for guidance. We have empathy and compassion when others are suffering mentally or physically, and we know we’re not alone on this journey. We need Christ and His followers!


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