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An Interview with Lucia Ballester

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Gordon: Where did you study Journalism and what was your most memorable course, and why was it so memorable?

Lucia: I studied journalism in Valencia, my hometown. The truth is that choosing a memorable course is difficult because I am passionate about journalism in all its aspects.

But the courses that impacted me the most were History of Journalism because of the

knowledge I acquired of the importance of journalism in history, and the second course was “TV Journalism” because I am a person who likes to communicate directly and that's where I fell in love. of journalism even more during that course. It inspired me to

get in front of the camera and fearlessly try to tell the truth.

Gordon: What are some of the publications in which your work has been featured?

Lucia: You can find my work on EWTN or ACI Prensa. I have also written an article for

Catholic link and for other Spanish newspapers. I was also writing some political articles

for The New Global Order online magazine.

Gordon: Is there sexism in journalism? Do male journalists get more opportunities than female journalists?

Lucia: I think there is still a lot of sexism in society in general, not only in the journalistic

world but I think less and less every day. Many women still face inequalities. The important thing is to overcome them while conserving our feminine singularity, not

pretending to be men. The mistake that women sometimes make is believing that by

becoming men, they will be able to make themselves respected.

Gordon: What article that you have written are you proudest of and why?

Lucia: I love to write, but I am particularly proud of an article that I wrote for Catholic-Link named “Our life: a story in which God reminds us at every moment how much he loves us”. Being able to evangelize, and announce the love of God through writing, which is my passion and a gift received from Him, fills me with joy. If God, through my pen, touches the hearts of the people, I am already satisfied. In the end, the credit is all His.

Gordon: If you had the opportunity to interview Volodymyr Zelenskyy, what questions would you ask?

Lucia: I would ask him if he is willing to continue with this war or if he will really do his

part to stop it. Honestly, I think there is more in this story than what the media tells us.

Putin shouldn't have invaded Ukraine, but if you corner a dog...the weird thing is that it

doesn't bite at some point.

Gordon: If you had the opportunity to interview Pope Francis, what questions would you ask?

Lucia: I would ask him how he deals with the daily criticism of his pontificate and where

he gets the strength and tenderness, how he takes care of his flock. And I would also

ask him why it seems that he does not want to visit Spain. we greatly miss the presence

of the Pontiff and I think he would like to come to Spain.

Gordon: Thank you for an inspirational interview.


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