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An Interview with Prabhu Thomas

Alwin Rex: You have succeeded with the influence of the people. So will you try for it as an Member of the Legislative assembly (MLA) or Member of Parliament (MP) in the future to make people work?

Prabhu.T: I will conduct the discussion according to the situation if people want.

Alwin Rex: What are the plans do you have for the upliftment of society?

Prabhu.T: For the development of education spoken English and Hindi free cost. All the fundamental needs, Green panchayat (a village ward), pure drinking water, All type of facilities to be available to inside the ward.

Alwin Rex: What is your first step of action for removing grievances of the society have you taken after winning the election?

Prabhu.T: I will take steps to prevent the mixing of sewage into the river and recommend to the Government to purify that water and make it useful to the people and take prompt action.

Alwin Rex: What is the main reason for your entry in the politics?

Prabhu.T: No politician has fulfilled all the needs of the society, I have stood freely and met the election to fulfill them. So with the support of the people I decided to overcome their grievances and came into politics

Alwin Rex: What is your opinion about Covid-19?

Prabhu.T: In my personal opinion, everyone should take care of themselves and be politely safe.

Alwin Rex: What is your mission or future plans?

Prabhu.T: The future plan is to create a better society through education. I have always believed that this can only be achieved through education to prepare myself. If I do this correctly, I hope my future plans will come true. This is my future plans.

Alwin Rex: What is your opinion for end of the war between Russia and Ukraine?

Prabhu.T: There is no other way other than peace talks.

Alwinrex: Thank you very much sir.

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