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An Interview with R. Robin Edward

Alwin Rex: Please share your opinion on what are the issues that are causing cracks in world alliances in today's partnership countries?

R. Robin Edward: Disunity, economic disparities, prestige issues, border issues, terrorist threats, wars, humanitarian killings, military strength, financial status, restrictions on the country's right to speak are important partnership issues in today's world.

Alwin Rex: What are the forces that disrupt the unity of the people?

R. Robin Edward: There are many things caste, religion ,and politics depends upon rich and poor the unity of the people. In which the core point is religion which instigate the poison in the mind of people and direct the towards the permit of terrorism.

Alwin Rex: What is your opinion on suicide?

R. Robin Edward: I have gone through many problems in this world. I understand only one thing in this world. That is love. All humans yearn for love. Even if this world perishes, love will not perish. The form of love can be found in God. God is immortal. Love never dies. Love is unity. This belonging is acquired through the people we meet while we live in this world and until we die. When there is no love, something called longing arises. That longing hurts us and leads straight to suffering. The scriptures tell us to love others as we love ourselves. I can say with certainty that I am standing where I am now because of the love I have received. Thus, for a man to reach the highest level, the unalloyed love of many is the first priority. In today's era, people commit suicide without love people.

Alwin Rex: What was the main reason for starting the Swan Awareness Foundation?

R. Robin Edward: Once when I was walking, a college student was trying to commit suicide at home, frustrated and depressed due to a love failure. Seeing that, my friends and I teamed up to save her. was taken to the hospital. We administered first aid, took him to a major hospital for further treatment, and provided monetary assistance. While doing first aid, the student's eye was disturbed. I can't forget the struggle of life till date.

My chest still bears scars from her fight for her life. I could see with my own eyes that the girl was rushed to the hospital, saved her life and went back to college as a new student. While those happy days were passing before my eyes, a sad news also reached my ears. I couldn't accept the sad news. Couldn't help but believe. The news was that I saved her from a suicide attempt and the student died in another suicide attempt. He went to the dead student's house with a heavy heart and inquired why the student had done this again. But I came to know that the student's grandmother could not bear to say a word that she might have died that day and she committed suicide. I was deeply hurt by the suicide of an only daughter raised by a fatherless mother. I thought that people who had attempted suicide once, if they were rehabilitated, would not go directly to suicide attempts again.

There are 15 days in between. During these 15 days, for two days, if someone had given awareness and advice to change the student's suicidal ideation, this death would not have happened, I was sleepless for many days and was very worried.

Similarly, once, when an elder was talking to me, I had two sons, both sons were studying in college. My elder son is not present today. He committed suicide. Why did my son commit suicide? Why he committed suicide and why he committed suicide is not known till date. My younger son is also nervous. I'm afraid. If I had known the details of why my elder son committed suicide, I would have sympathized with my younger son.

He walked past me, speaking very forcefully, not knowing what to do with me. I called the younger son and talked for an hour. Speaking of which, I don't know why my brother committed suicide. He only talks to me when he needs something, he has no friends. A lot of book reader. He likes solitude a lot. He said it. I said to him why are you nervous again. You cannot bear the loss of your brother! When asked, he said that he could not bear the loss of his brother. its true. But, as he said, he bowed his head, looked at the ground, and remained silent. I don't like the world when I hear that over and over again.

My parents are always kind to me. They provide everything I need. I study well but can compete and advance in this competitive world! I have my doubts. I learned that I can't compete and get ahead in this world. I don't like living in this world. When I think of my parents, I feel very sad and cry. He was very modest. This incident deeply affected me and did not let me sleep. Then a thought formed in my mind. That thought grew into a zeal in my mind, that suicidal thoughts should be rooted out from the brain of human life.

Alwin Rex: What is the main objective of your Swan Awareness Foundation?

R. Robin Edward : Selfishness , He who wants to accomplish his work without wanting to, wipes away the sufferings of all those around him, friends and people, becomes a pillar of support for them, unceasingly strives unceasingly, and fulfills destiny The Swan Awareness Foundation was started with the aim of raising awareness. The main objective of the foundation is to provide suicide prevention counseling. While giving suicide prevention advice, the causes of suicide, how to identify those causes, and how to prevent it, etc. are reached out to people.

Mainly, the main objective of this book is to eradicate the immaturity rampant among students and youth and prevent suicides. Thinking cannot prevent suicides, we can prevent suicides if we think. It could be today, it could be tomorrow, it could be tomorrow. But with the feeling that we can, everyone should unite against suicide. Suicides must be stopped to win the war against suicides.

Alwin Rex: Are natural resources the primary reason for a country's development? If so, are we making progress using those resources? What is your opinion?

R. Robin Edward: Yes. Resources are used depending on the knowledge in each field. Our resources are fully available, but we have to use them properly. Misuse of resources should be controlled without wasting them.

Alwin Rex: What do you think is the biggest challenge facing students today?

R. Robin Edward : In my opinion the parents and teachers don't guide them properly.

Alwin Rex: What frustrates you the most?

R. Robin Edward: The money disappoints to me from time to time because some time when I move after that if doesn't come to my hands I am mostly disappointed.

Alwin Rex: What is your opinion about Indian politicians?

R. Robin Edward: All Indian politics are so good. They do politics depending on the money, no political policy, in order to catch the power.

Alwin Rex: Thank you sir. I appreciate your kindness and good work.

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