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An Interview with Stafford Betty

Gordon: Where did you earn your PhD, in what field was it , what was your favorite course, and why was it your favorite?

Stafford: I got a Ph.D. in theology from Fordham University. My favorite course was on mystical theology taught by Ewert Cousins, a brilliant and enlightened individual.

Gordon: When you were Professor of Religious Studies what courses did you teach?

Stafford: Many different courses, from Asian religions to the philosophy of religion to religion in literature to death and afterlife, from 1972 to 2021.

Gordon: What is one of you favorite memories when you were teaching?

Stafford: Students who did brilliant work on my exams and papers--too many to remember

Gordon: What are the primary challenges to religion today?

Stafford:  Implausible doctrines and uninspiring or too few of even corrupt leaders. Also the endless seductions of this digital age, from meaningless video games to pornography.

Gordon: What have you been doing since you retired? 

Stafford: Writing books and essays about religion, especially Catholicism, and volunteering at a local public school as a second-grade reading teacher to slow learners. 

Gordon: What are the subjects of  the books that you have written?

Stafford: All 17 have to do with religion or spirituality, especially evidence of an afterlife and its nature.

Gordon: Thank you for a great interview.

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