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An Interview with Sumith Mathai

Alwin Rex: Tell us about yourself and your family?

Sumith: I am Sumith, I am a teacher. I live with my wife, children and parents. My wife is a teacher. My father is a retired teacher and my mother is a retired section officer.

Alwin Rex: Are you proud to be a teacher? Do you find complete satisfaction in teaching education to students?

Sumith: Yes I am proud to be a teacher and I am completely satisfied with my profession. I get pleasure.

Alwin Rex: Do you think our country has suffered a major setback in the coronavirus impact and it is affecting the education of our people?

Sumith: Yes, our country especially our children who we're studying, affected a lot due to coronavirus.

Alwin Rex: What efforts do you think are best to restore the education of students affected by coronavirus?

Sumith: Online classes may help the students and also parents must give more attention to the children at home.

Alwin Rex: Do you think the coronavirus impact will be a challenge to the medical field? What do you tell people for awareness at this crucial moment?

Sumith: Yes, it's a challenge because the second phase of coronavirus is spreading like wildfire. I can ask people to wear masks and keep social distancing.

Alwin Rex: What strategies do you use to attract students’ attention when you teach them?

Sumith: I speak kindly to the students .I used to tell stories and comedy in between the classes .The way we teach is important to attract children .mostly it's about situation approach.

Alwin Rex: What efforts have you made to offset the economic losses caused by this corona impact?

Sumith: I thought of starting a small scale business to affect the economic losses.


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