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April 8 World Day for Prevention and Healing from Sexual Abuse

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

The World Day for Prevention and Healing from Child Sexual Abuse is a not-for-profit survivor led initiative to establish an annual day of observance for promoting global awareness of how to prevent child sexual abuse and enable healing for victims and their family members. Our vision is that all the children of the world and those whose lives have been impacted by child sexual abuse can flourish.

What is means to be a partner:

The April 8th Collaborative is composed of organizations working together to increase awareness of the need to prevent child sexual abuse, and the need to help survivors through their healing process. This includes governmental agencies, schools, community-based organizations, sporting associations, religious institutions, and health care organizations, etc. who agree to endorse this important initiative. By partnering with us, your support sends a clear message to policy makers, and community leaders about the importance of increasing awareness of this problem and providing resources to help survivors heal.

Partners agree to support the World Day through in-kind contributions, such as:

• Recognizing April 8, as the World Day for the Prevention and Healing from Child Sexual Abuse.

• Agreeing to including your logo on the website and promotional materials.

• Including information about the April 8, World Day news and events in your promotional material, and website.

• Helping to promote this important initiative in your community.

How you benefit as a partner:

As a partner of this Collaborative, you will have the opportunity to work with survivors of child sexual abuse and leading policy makers and advocates around the world to broaden awareness of your organization’s mission, promote your events, share your publications and build a virtual network to deploy programs and educational materials to prevent child sexual abuse, and help survivors heal.

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