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Cane Boy: A Wonderful Discovery

by Peter Tassi

Reviewed by Eileen Quinn Knight Ph.D. and Maeve Quinn Knight

My granddaughter and I spent the Fourth of July together. She loves reading books so I asked her to help me review a book that was sent to me by the author. She’s eight years old and really knows her constituents well.

When we began the book, she noticed right away how the pictures and the words supported each other. She thought the book would be great for kids that are in 2nd grade or above. Both the pictures and the words make a great story together.

The story is about a kind boy named Ben who is bullied by other students in his class. He, like all kids, doesn’t like being bullied and wants to do something about it. What happens is a great story as everyone understands what the ‘Cane’ means to Ben. I would recommend the book as I read it to my Grandmother and she really thought it was good. She reads lots of books!

There are pictures in the back of the book for coloring by the person who owns the book. There are 5 pages about the story for coloring. Maeve loves to color the pictures of the story. Another wonderful part of the book, is that at the end of the page is a question or two for reflection that Maeve answered as she read the specific page. This is a great book to read and answer the question for reflection with an adult in your life or to read to a younger brother or sister. It is a meaningful story for both kids and adults.

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