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Hope Always. Our Anchor in Life’s Storms

by Kris Frank

This book of hope is so timely and important. In it, the author does an excellent job illuminating our profound need for hope. He points out that true hope is found in Jesus Christ and in Him alone. Hope anchored in God’s love gives purpose and meaning to our lives. We all long for this kind of hope, the hope that brings light and reminds us that God is who he says he is; the hope that confirms that our present struggle is not the end. This is the only kind of true hope that will not disappoint. In the midst of the pandemic our world, our Church and our lives are in such need to know the source of our hope.

What follows are essays on hope: “Hope for the Sinner, Hope for the Discouraged, Hope for the Doubters, Hope for the Anxious, Hope for the Weary, Hope for the addict, Hope for the Suffering, Hope for the Grieving, Hope for Others, Hope for Our Families, Hope for the Church, Hope for the Future”.

The essay I will describe is the last one: Hope for the Future. The essay begins with a quote by Peter Kreeft who states: “Everything smaller than heaven bores us because only heaven is bigger than our hearts.” The essay is on heaven and the author asks us to contemplate the truth of heaven as Saint Josemaria Escriva once wrote, “In heaven ….a great Love awaits you, with no betrayals and no deceptions. The fullness of love, the fullness of beauty and greatness and knowledge…And it will never cloy: it will satiate, yet still you will want more.” The author concludes the book: “As we continue on this challenging and joyful journey toward heaven may we hold onto the anchor of hope when the storms of life rock and shake us. God is near. He will not let us down. Let us stay close to Jesus. Heaven is waiting. I hope to see you then”. This is a great book to read in small bursts or the entire book on retreat.


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