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Ireland Issues and Leadership


Prayer to End Abortions in Ireland

“Your Abundant Giving”

Tree-seeds, in-abundance

Lie amidst the leaves,

Sprouting bright green curls,

Rubbished to enrich the soil:

To make fertile the ground

For the Spring planting of

Vegetable seedlings.

Lord, Creator-God of Gifts!

What happens to the lives

Of so many, crushed, stolen, snapped

Out of time into eternity – whether by

Earthquake, flood, war, or the terrible

Stripping, even recycling of human beginnings,

Not discarded, but misused, frozen,

Dyed upon, dissected, shelved, stopped,

Silenced at the “expiry date”.

Lord, Have Mercy on Us!

Now, not even

Fresh vegetables and fruit

Are disposed of according to a date –

But each is examined, carefully, aware

As we are of soft, slightly rotting fruit which,

Peeled, preserves what is good and, cutting out the

Taint, tells of being edible and nutritious,

A timely scrutiny of what is still beneficial.

Lord, Let Us Waste Not!

Why, then, is the life-span of a fruit

Worth more than a human life?

What horrors will the timeline of human

Growth display if left to develop?

Who is hiding what from the work of their

Hands and, in hiding from their hands,

What is being hidden from the thoughts of

Their minds?

Lord, Let Us Listen!

Human life begins,

Joining from the start

Breaking out of separate cells,

Each part of which needs the other and more,

A skin, a place to be, diving into the tissues,

Anchoring new developments, changing

Outwardly, constantly, to show forth the presence of the

person from the first instant of beginning.

Lord, How Great Are Your Works!

What buzzing abundance, blighted,

Heaven bound, ascending like the dew

On the Summer’s light, rising, scarcely visible,

Torn from life and heart and rubbishing a relationship.

Like an un-enclosable wound, ever open to the truth

Of there being a father and a mother and uprooters,

Who yet, through the loving truth are called,

Ceaselessly, to an endless reconciliation.

Lord, Love Us In The Truth!

True seeds,

Lie in abundance amidst our wasted loves,

Flourishing in the hands of the Greatest Love,

Turning us back from looking back to going

Forward, forgiveness making fertile the ground

For the graced-Spring-planting, arising, like dew,

From the many pierced hearts, imploring

Our New Beginning.

Lord, Listen To Them !

by Francis Etheredge Profiles in Catholicism

St. Bridget’s Prayer

Our Father - Hail Mary O Jesus! Heavenly Physician, rose aloft on the Cross to heal our wounds with Thine, remember the bruises which Thou didst suffer and the weakness of all Thy Members which were distended to such a degree that never was there pain like unto Thine. From the crown of Thy Head to the Soles of Thy Feet there was not one spot on Thy Body that was not in torment, and yet, forgetting all Thy sufferings, Thou didst not cease to pray to Thy Heavenly Father for Thy enemies, saying: "Father forgive them for they know not what they do."

Through this great Mercy, and in memory of this suffering, grant that the remembrance of Thy Most Bitter Passion may effect in us a perfect contrition and the remission of all our sins. Amen. by St. Bridget

Ireland Challenges and Leadership Interviews


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