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Jesus the Healer: St. Peregrine. OSM, the Helper

Reviewed by Gordon Nary Profiles in Catholicism

As a cancer survivor of 12 years of treatment, I have read many books on cancer, many of them medical texts, I have never found book so inspirational\ that influenced my life more than Jesus the Healer: St. Peregrine. OSM, the Helper Although it was written primarily for caregivers with sections of Healing through Pain, Healing through Generosity and Faith, Healing through Love and Goodness, Healing though Peace and Patience, and Healing though Kindness. However, it is very applicable to cancer patients.

The most important feature of this book is the collection of letters to Father Chris from people of al ages, Some of them from children made me cry – the first time that I have every cried reading a book.

Father Chris also has a novena to St. Peregrine which I strongly recommend to all who have cancer. If possible visit a St. Peregrine shrine. They are international, and many are in Servite Churches, Also consider joining Friends of St. Peregrine Cancer Ministry

This book is a national treasure and should be given io every person with cancer and their caregivers globally.. There is no better way of following God’s command to love our neighbor as ourselves than to give one of these books as a gift. Father Chris is a national treasure and Jesus the Healer: St. Peregrine. OSM, the Helper is an interaction treasure

Jesus the Healer: St. Peregrine. OSM, the Helper may be ordered/The cost is $10 a copy and $3 for shipping and is available through the St. Peregrine ministry office, Our Lady of Sorrows Basilica, 3121 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago 60612. 773-638-5800 x19.


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