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Lodging in Italy’s Monasteries

Reviewed by Mark Tedesco

“Lodging in Italy’s Monasteries” is a comprehensive guide to convents and monasteries that accept visitors, either as individuals or groups, as lodgers within their magnificent walls.

The book is divided into Italy’s regions as chapters. Each chapter gives a brief historical perspective of the monastery or convent, a black and white photo, and some information about accommodations and pricing. Since the book was last published in 2015, the pricing is out of date, but each description of a monastery includes the website where one can find up-to-date pricing.

This book is a timesaver for those interested in a monastic experience but doesn’t know how to start looking. The author has done all the research and provides the reader with foundational knowledge that can form the basis for a future trip to one of these historical monastic communities.

I was grateful to have been asked to read this book because now my interest in a monastery stay has increased. After having stayed in a magnificent monastery guesthouse in Salzburg, I am now ready, with the help of this book, to have an Italian monastic experience.

This book is a treasure of history, practical advice, and contact information.


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