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Obituary of John Richard Knight

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

by Eileen Quinn Knight, Ph.D. Profiles in Catholicism

John Richard Knight was born to Agnes Gaffney and Thomas Knight on March 10. Both his parents were born in Ireland.  They lived in St. Nicholas of Tolentine Parish on the Southside of Chicago. He went to St. Nicholas of Tolentine grade school, St. Rita of Cascia High School and St. Joseph College. He served in the Army and then started an Insurance Company.  John had an older brother and two older sisters. They are all still alive. He married Eileen Quinn in November 1975 at Sheil Chapel at Northwestern University and subsequently had three sons, Jack Quinn, Patrick Michael and Michael Joseph. (The first child was a girl who died).

He was a devoted Catholic and went to Mass each Sunday with the family.  One of the most endearing stories of his work happened when a person called him for insurance and he told them that he didn't need that insurance and he would find a company that would give him the right price.  He was a devoted golfer who had a great arm for driving the ball but was an awful putter.  At times he scored in the high 80's! He was also a devoted father and always did the 'night duty' when they were babies. When he died of cancer in 1992 on December 16, he was sad that he would not get to know his sons as adolescents or adults.


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