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Prayer for Athletes

O Christ, we fix our gaze on you, who offer every person the fullness of life. Lord, you heal and strengthen those who, trusting in you, accept your will.

Today, during the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000, athletes throughout the world are gathered here in spirit, above all to renew their faith in you, man’s only Savior.

And those, like the athlete, who are at the peak of their strength recognize that without you, O Christ, they are inwardly like the blind man, incapable, that is, of seeing the full truth, of understanding the deep meaning of life, especially when faced with the darkness of evil and death.

Even the greatest champion finds himself defenseless before the fundamental questions of life and needs your light to overcome the demanding challenges that a human being is called to face.

Lord Jesus Christ, help these athletes to be your friends and witnesses to your love. Help them to put the same effort into personal asceticism that they do into sports; help them to achieve a harmonious and cohesive unity of body and soul.

May they be sound models to imitate for all who admire them. Help them always to be athletes of the spirit, to win your inestimable prize: an imperishable crown that lasts forever. Amen

by Pope John Paul II

Prayer for the return of stolen children

May the power of spiritual enlightenment come upon the Russian officials holding prisoner the 16,500 Ukrainian children.

That they might have a change of heart and mind, that they will feel compassion, concern .May they recognize the rights of the

children to their parents love and care, too their own home in Ukraine, that they be free to grow and live in peace in their own land

In their own home. Reunited with friends and relatives.

Lord of life, bring awareness and commitment to the world to continue the campaign to return the stolen children to their

Parents, families, relatives and friends. Amen

by Father Shay Cullen Profiles in Catholicism

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