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The Healers

by Father Shay Cullen Profiles in Catholicism

When they hear distress, they hurry to give comfort and ease the nagging pain, They work in every place, in the cold, the heat and the drenching rain, They see the hurt, they respond and really know what they must do, Is heal the wound, cure the sore, and prevent the deadly flu. The healers are the angels that can understand and know our urgent needs, They test and search and find the cause and know where it finally leads. They are the guardians of our well-being, to save and restore our lives, They guide us to recover and nurture life and see that it survives. Without the healers we will suffer much and hurry to our death, With their care and knowledge, we can live again, and feel a great rebirth. They are the wonderworkers who restore and medicate our health, All are grateful and give thanks that is truly felt. They inspire and encourage us to heal, to believe we can and surely will, We celebrate their commitment and admire their love and marvelous skill.


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