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When Pregnancy Isn’t Perfect: A Layperson’s Guide to Complications in Pregnancy

by Laurie A. Rich

This should be required reading for every women experiencing a complicated pregnancy. A patient involved with her own care nearly always has a better pregnancy outcome. This book answers all the questions including those that come up at 3:00 in the morning. It is an important book that offers comprehensive information and personal insight.

Chapter 1 deals with all the issues having to do with pregnancy. Chapter two deals with what happens when pregnancy is perfect; Chapter 14 deals with what to expect when you go to the hospital; chapter 15 deals with what to do to keep yourself from going bonkers; Chapter 8 deals with preterm labor and premature rupture of membranes; chapter 13 deals with Cesarean sections; Chapter 10 deals with pregnancy loss: when the worse happens; Chapter 16 deals with the fathers and what happens to you when pregnancy isn’t perfect. There is a chapter that handles the questions that arise about pregnancy.

When you finish reading the book, you will know everything most didn’t know but wished they did when they were pregnant. My hope is that you can use what you learn in this book to take control of your situation when you can and to counter your fear and feelings of isolation. Those who went down this road before you got to the end and so will you. No matter what happens to you in the next weeks or months in the long run, you’ll be okay. If you work with your doctor, do your part in following treatment, use the support systems offered in the book, and have just a little lich, you’ll come out of this pregnancy stronger, happier and the proud mother of a healthy baby.

The chapter for the Fathers near the end of the book provides delightful insights and information regarding pregnancy. There is a wealth of advice on coping with such problems as multiple pregnancy and cesarean delivery and a special chapter for father who are too often neglected when complications arise. Filled with both help and hope, this information packed book is essential reading for all expectant mothers. It is a great book for a very specific audience.

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