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Where Angels Pass

by Ellen Gable

There is such thoughtfulness in this writing, yet it is a heart rendering tale. I highly recommend this book for anyone who seeks to understand for this just might be one of the most important novels of our time. Ellen Gable, the author, tells a very personal and difficult story, Where AngelsPass, with such gentleness, love and heartfelt honesty. What I expected to be an uncomfortable story ended up being a love story of a daughter for her father. This is a deeply moving story that will surely touch readers in a profound way.

There are many like her Father out there, some living, and some already deceased, who are/were unknown victims of clerical abuse. But we are as a family victims too. As a family, we watched my father’s struggles and suffering. We watched him go through drunken stupors and depressive episodes. We watched him get on and fall off the wagon too many times to count. It wasn’t unusual for him to break down and cry. I know that there are many factors that cause someone to have a mental breakdown or become an alcoholic, but I believe the abuse contributed substantially to his ongoing despair.

With the recent allegations, what is the way forward? First, I’d like to pass on encouragement to the many faithful and virtuous priests with the words of Dr. Janet Smith when she said: “To all you wonderful, faithful, chaste, devout, self-giving priests out there, my heart goes out to you. Thank you for answering the call and thank you for staying. The temptation to leave would be great. Please stay! We need you now more than ever. And please know I am praying ardently for you!” Second, many of the links below give detailed ways the Church is not an option, Did my father ever leave the Church of his youth? NO. Following his example, I will do the same. Why? Because my faith is not dependent on the pope, any priest or any human being. I’m Catholic and will remain so because of the Eucharist, because of Jesus Christ and because I believe God’s Word. My faith also tells me I must forgive, the priest who abused my father, anyone who tried to cover it up and any past and present priests, bishops and Cardinals who have been guilty of any wrongdoing. It is a book for those strong in their faith or those hoping to forgive and heal.


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