Wrestling Jerusalem

Commentary by Father John Pawlikowski, O.S.M., Ph.D

Profiles in Catholicism

Earlier today I took part in a private screening of a new film titled WRESTLING JERUSALEM. It is based on a one person play (the marvelous actor was present for a post-film discussion) which had a four week, sold out off-Broadway run. It is one of the most powerful films I have ever seen as it explores a wide variety of Jewish and Palestinian perspectives on Jerusalem.

While it isintended in a special way for Jewish audiences it is also very well suited for discussions among Jews, Palestinians and anyone else committed to reconciliation in Israel/Palestine. It has even been used with corporate executives in achieving reconciliation in a business setting. For use in schools there is a study guide available. It runs some 90 intense minutes. One of its unique features focuses on the role of trauma in the perpetuation of political conflict.

I think it deserves Oscar nomination. As I know from being in a film that won a Tribeca Film Festival Award and was subsequently nominated for an Oscar that such recognition opens the doors to widespread distribution which this film deserves.

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