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January 1, St. Basil’s Feastday | January 06 Twelfth Night (Epiphany) | January 17 St. Anthony's Feastday| February 02  Candlemas Day | February 03 St. Blaise's Feastday February 09 The Anniversary of Agnes Sorrel's DeathFebruary 18 Mary I of England's Birthday |February 21 - Anniversary of Pope Benedict XIII's DeathFebruary 23 Anniversary of the Crowning of Simon de Brion as Pope Martin IV |

 March 01 St. David's Day | March 04 St. Casimir's Feastday | March  9 Anniversary of Jules Cardinal

Mazarin' s Death | March 17 St. Patrick's Feast Day | March 19 St. Joseph's Day (La Festa di San Giuseppe) April 10 Anniversary of the Death of Elizabeth Barton | April 25  St. Mark the Evangelist's Feastday 

May 15  St. Isidro Labrador's Feast DayMay 16 St. Honoré's Feastday | May 18 Saint Karol Jozef Wojtyla's Birthday | May 28 Anniversary of the Election of Pietro Orsini as Pope Benedict XIII\ | May 30 St. Joan of Arc's Feastday | June 03 Anniversary of the Death of Pope John XXIII | June 24 St. John the Baptist's Feastday Midsummer Day| June 29 St. Peter's Feastday | July 11 - St Benedict’s Feastday | July 25  St. James the Great's Feast Day | September 12 Feast of the Holy Name of Mary| September 19 St. Januarius' (Gennaro's) Feast Day   September 27 Anniversary of the Founding of the Jesuits September 29 St. Michael the Archangel's Feastday (Michaelmas) October 01 St. Remi'sFeast Day October 14 St Menehould's Feastday |

October 15  St Theresa of Avila's Feast Day |October 24 Feast of St. Raphael the Archangel| 

November 01 All Saints Day|November 02 All Souls Day| November 11 St Martin's (of Tours) Day (Martinmas/Martinstag/Márton nap) Karneval/Fastnacht |November 18 St Elizabeth of Hungary's Feast Day |November 22 St. Cecelia's Feast Day | November 23 St. Clement's Feast Day | November 25 St. Catherine of Alexandria's Feastday |November 30 St. Andrew's Day |December 06 St. Nicholas Feast Day |

December 13 St. Lucy's Feast Day| December 24 Adam and Eve's Birthday/Christmas Eve |

December 26 St. Stephen's Feast Day|December 27 St. John the Evangelist Feast Day

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