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The mission of Profiles in Catholicism is to interview people of faith to learn more about the spiritual, societal, and health issues that are important to them, promote evangelization and religious vocations,  provide financial support to people with cancer, HIV/AIDS, those living in extreme poverty, and the organizations that help them, and provide news updates.

special prayer

Prayer for Those Affected by Mental Health Challenges

Lord God, as we have recently recalled Jesus' passion and death, we pray for those afflicted with a different kind of pain, that brought about by the challenge of mental illness. May those who face this physical and spiritual struggle whether personally or as a

close circle of family and friends find new strength and hope in this Easter season as we remember Jesus' willingness to experience pain

for our salvation. We offer our prayer in the name of Christ Jesus Our Lord.

by Father John Pawlikowski,OSM Profiles in Catholicism

A Quote to Remember

Pope Benedict XVI.jpg

“I commend pastoral workers and voluntary associations and organisations to support in practical ways and through concrete initiatives, those families who have mentally ill people dependent upon them. I hope that the culture of acceptance and sharing will grow and spread to them, thanks also to suitable laws and health-care programmes which provide sufficient resources for their practical application….”

by Pope Benedict XVI