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The mission of Profiles in Catholicism is to interview people of faith to learn more about the spiritual, societal, and health issues that are important to them, promote evangelization and religious vocations,  provide financial support to people with cancer, HIV/AIDS, those living in extreme poverty, and the organizations that help them, and provide news updates.

special prayer

A prayer for the victims of human trafficking:

“Lord, I stood alone”


On the street corner, invisible to everyone except the spying catcher

Who, having gained my confidence, exploited my vulnerability – but

Why did he alone see me and know that I had run away, that my parents were not my parents or maybe one of them was, but that they

Seemed not to care that I was not there and that in the time it took them to report me missing, I was more than missing, miserably alone.

What had I done? Why did nobody care? Was it my fault? Why?

Do these people not have children of their own? Wives? Families?

Lord, you were invisible to me, even though you knew me then – but why were you invisible to me, passive to my abduction, indescribable



The Lord answered on the cross, alone and jerking, uncontrollably, as He climbed to breathe and fell again, powerless on the nails on which

He hung and on which He pushed up, if He could, to breathe again.

And die. Lord, you were alone, your friends deserting you – not even telling the truth about being friends, after which came one who did not ask,

And who suffocated from grief and, we hope, gasped a prayer and died. And those who did ask for forgiveness and

Lived out of love.


But what are my words, swallowed up in an ocean more, millions more, and what are my prayers, muttered, sometimes audibly.

Lord, I want to pray for the exploiters to get their long prison sentences, to experience the pain of knowing what they have done,

To go to the hell they put me through, alone and lonely with others.

But what in the silence of my heart arises is the prayer you made:

“Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do”.

But, Lord, unless you pray this prayer in me I cannot pray it; and, if

I do not pray it, what if one more reaches the undying hell from which

No hope escapes?


So, Lord, let me pray for all, although I cannot hope to pray alone:

Prayer in me, I beg you, that what is hidden will be visible and who is lost will be found and who repents, will be forgiven

by Francis Etheredge Profiles in Catholicism

Francis is the author of 13 books, with 3 more forthcoming in 2023.

Pope Francis

A Quote to Remember

Human trafficking an ‘open wound’ in the body of Christ and humanity

by Pope Francis

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