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special prayer


(Hosea, passim)

O Lord, it was your prophet Hosea who one time gave words to your indignation at Israel.

He noted their arrogance and their guilt. They lost their flocks, their possessions. They lost everything. They were unfaithful. They were untrue.

Rightly you sounded the alarm, declared a day of waste, a time of chastisement. You threatened their total rejection.

Did You have a second thought? You spoke to them gently and were kindly.

Come, returned to the Lord. He will heal you. He will bind up you wounds. He will revive you. He will raise you up.”

O Lord God of Ancient times, in our day we see in, around and about the lands you made Holy by presence of the Lord Jesus your Son, now troubled and in turmoil with disasters, devastation, wrong doing, and murder.

So we are moved to pray, O Lord God of Ancient times, we implore you Lord God to today:

Hear your children’s prayer.

Revive you people.

Look kindly on them.

Bind up their wounds.

Raise them up again.

Grant them peace.

Grant them peace, Lord God.

This is our prayer Lord God, made in the name of Jesus you Son

Who suffered and died for them and us all. Fill them with your Holy Spirit.


by Father David O. Brown, O.S.M.. Profiles in Catholicism

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