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special prayer

A Prayer to Reduce Abortions in China


Dear God, our Creator, and Teacher. We know your love for each of us is powerful, true, and eternal - and begins long before birth. We pray today that everyone in China will have the courage to acknowledge that love and to speak the truth about our unborn brothers and sisters and their rights as a human being created in your image and likeness. We also pray for the awakening of our fellow travelers to the rights of these children and the needs – physical, spiritual, and moral – of their mothers and fathers. Help us to show respect and provide real help to both parents and their children. God did give us free will, but it must be guided by reason and truth. Choice is doing whatever you want with or without the guidance of reason or truth. May the strength of your love show us all a better path for ALL human lives.

by Denise Mackura Profiles in Catholicism

A Quote to Remember

“Today, the Church in China looks to the future with hope. The Church wants Chinese Christians to be truly Christians, and to be good citizens. They should promote the Gospel, but without engaging in proselytism, and they need to achieve the unity of the divided Catholic community. Let us pray together that the Church in China may persevere in its faithfulness to the Gospel and grow in unity. Thank you.”

by Pope Francis

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