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A nation votes on the brink

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

I see a nation on the brink, with people, good and justice in their hearts,

Some preach that love is for themselves and not for those who live apart.

Yet over years, by apathy and indifference, they let the greedy come to power,

They rushed to vote without reflective thought and to the White House a tyrant they gladly brought.

He ruled with ugly arrogance, with insults strong and rude, he trampled on the dignity of the poor with oppression harsh and crude.

The migrants on the border, seeking life and freedom new, the refugees from abroad their pain he never knew.

He closed the nation’s doors and their children he took away and left impoverished parents crying night and day,

Children lost and never found, a crime, wicked and profound.

He badly ruled a once growing nation, proud and strong, and divided people into parts, a racist act so cruel and wrong.

The black, the brown, the white, others in between, with hatred and exclusion, he aroused their pain and anger on the streets, strongly heard and seen.

What hope remains has yet to be revealed and the polls will tell the story of rights betrayed and hurtful broken trust,

When the people say they have had enough abuse and naked lust.

So American people, the honest, and the good that justice, dignity, the equality you truly seek,

Through the ballot box, well-guarded, let your voice now loudly speak.


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