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An Interview with Allison Ricciardi. LMHC

Gordon: Please share with our readers an overview of your work in Mental Health care.

Allison: I’ve been in practice since 1990 and had the blessing of starting out in a private Catholic agency. Even though problems developed there and I left, I’m grateful for the foundation I received there in working from a Catholic perspective.

I knew a handful of Catholic therapists and after having been on some shows on EWTN, I got calls from around the country from those seeking to find a Catholic therapist to work with. So in 2001 I launched, a referral network to authentically Catholic therapists. What sets apart is that we carefully screen our members, not only for professional competence, but for faithful adherence to the teachings of the Catholic church. We’ve grown steadily over the years into the number one resource for Catholics seeking emotional and mental help.

We also feature a blog by our members so visitors can gain wisdom and insight about the challenges they face, that integrates the wisdom of the Catholic faith. We have members listed in most states and have now expanded into the UK. We receive requests from around the world, so there is clearly a need and growing awareness that the Catholic faith offers the tools we need to live happy and emotionally health lives.

I recently launched As we face so many challenges in this ever-changing world, coaching has really found its place in the helping professions. Many coaches and coaching approaches however, lean heavily toward New Age thought and methodologies and need to be avoided by Catholics. But we shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Coaching, in and of itself, is a very much needed discipline and can be a powerful tool for Catholics seeking to live more fulfilling lives.

Coaching takes a forward-looking approach to help clients reach their full potential and calling in Christ. We are all born with a mission and a purpose for our lives to help build up the body of Christ and ready ourselves for heaven. Coaching helps to explore and claim our gifts and talents, overcome limiting beliefs, to tap into the dreams that God may have put in our hearts, and, most importantly, to formulate and implement a practical plan to make them a reality.

I’m very excited about this new site as I believe it will play a profound role in the new evangelization and is poised to make great strides in building up God’s kingdom here on earth.

The Raphael Remedy is my professional home on the internet. Here’s where you’ll find my blog, my TV channel and where I will soon be launching a new podcast. My role at this point, after 32 years as a Catholic therapist, is to share what I’ve learned that can be helpful to those who are struggling with pain from their past and to help provide the resources needed to move forward into their God given callings.

If you’d like to get started on the road to a more fulfilling life, download my Free Ebook:

Gordon: Thank you for these great insights into your important work.

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