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An Interview with Alwinrex Lazer Alphonesal

Updated: Jan 26

Gordon: What Parish do you belong to and what impact has your parish had upon your life?

Alwinrex: My parish is St.Antony's church Kanyakumari-District and Tamilnadu-State. My church supported me during difficult times. The priest recommended the letter. It was very supportive of my medicine. My bishop recommended the letter in the churches. It helped a lot in my surgery. But many in my diocese are sick. So it is very difficult to continue support in my church.

Gordon; What impact has the Covid-19 had upon your parish and your friends?

Alwinrex: My parish is in a very challenging situation because the churches had a hard time without permission to open. The priests suffered without pay. And there was no way to even get food in the orphanage. He cannot share the difficulty. The elderly found it difficult to take care of themselves. Social service and charitable trust struggling in Covid o19.My friends are losing their job

Gordon: You have suffered intensely from a rare pituitary gland disease. Please describe what happened to you

Alwinrex: I am suffering from pituitary adenoma for the last 7 years. I have been suffering from severe headaches and fits. Doctors at Ananthapuri Hospitals, Trivandrum diagnosed my sickness and given medicines which were quite expensive. I borrowed a huge amount for my treatment from different people. The cost of medicine for my treatment was very expensive.

I hail from a poor family. I have nobody to support me in this difficult situation. My wife and I are staying in a rented house. I had a little plot of land and a small house that I was forced to sell to meet my medical expenses. I completed my studies in BBA and not able to find out any job immediately after my studies.

Now due to this sickness, I am not able to go for any hard work. With the advice of my doctors, I have started a small f store in my village by borrowing money from different people I was not able to run the shop profitably because I had to go for treatment in between.

When I go for the treatment. I had to close the shop and go, this affected my business. Further, I had taken money from the shop for my treatment, so I was not able to purchase new stock. This situation forced me to borrow money from the moneylenders and they started threatening to repay the money on time. They used to come to my house and say abusive words, this increased my tension and affected me more badly. I closed my store in 2017 due to a debt problem.

I and my wife are leading a hand-to-mouth existence. We are living at the mercy of different people who help us to purchase food materials for our family. I and my wife felt humiliated to ask for support from people but we have no other option. By seeing my pitiable condition local parish/church people collected some money for my treatment. As soon as I have received the support from the church people, moneylenders whom I have repay money which I have taken for my treatment come collected the money from my hand by force.

It is now 7 years passed after diagnosing my sickness (Pituitary adenoma) and my situation is getting worse & worse as days go by. Doctors advised me to undergo surgery immediately for the treatment and they warned me that if surgery is delayed it may cause immense harm to my health.

Gordon: What impact has your illness had upon your faith?

Alwinrex: I have no impact in my faith .because the Lord gave me the gift of the Holy Spirit in 2003 when I was weak. I was praying the rosary many times and then I could feel the Holy Spirit enter my body.

I had a variety of experiences during that time. My mind was able to tell what others thought, and I was able to speak many languages.

Every morning at 4 the Lord would speak to me through verse.

Some incidents will be revealed through dreams. I was able to understand the explanation.

I prayed for many, and they received many benefits. I went to the homes of many and prayed and found out the cause of their problems. The Lord will reveal to me to make amends for it. I will say it.

I loved God so much. Daily Prayer Always Divine Thought, I began to study the Bible deeply and explore many of the explanations in it.

At one point I gave up everything and surrendered to the Lord. So I went to the Monastery. But the test started for me and I got a pituitary tumor and left.

So I left the Monastery.

After that, I have reduced the thoughts now as per the doctor’s advice.

I love God ever.

Gordon: We have been asking our readers to help support you. What is the best way of sending you donations?

Alwinrex: Thanks for asking in your readers. In this precarious situation, I need your prayers and generous financial support.

The best way to receive donations is through my bank account and PayPal account This will be very helpful in my emergency.

Gordon: May God bless and protect you and your wife and I pray that our readers will send you a donation to his wife’s PayPal account at Sowmiya Sowmiya @Sowmiya592


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