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An Interview with Andrew Schatkin

Gordon: We interview people of various faiths, You are the first Lutheran that we have interviewed. What church do you attend and what about your church do you find most rewarding?

Andrew: I attend Redeemer Lutheran Church in Bayside Queens. I find the music stemming from the music of the reformation and the liturgy most rewarding.

Gordon: For our readers who may not be well acquainted with the Lutheran faith, please provide an overview of the doctrine of justification?

Andrew: The main and most distinguishing element of Lutheranism is that we are saved solely by faith alone through the grace of God and not by our works. This is the doctrine of justification

Gordon: What are some of the differences between Lutheranism and Calvinism?

Andrew:’ Lutheranism believes in the real presence of Christ in the communion in with and under the elements while Calvinism sees the event as a memorial service. Calvinism also stresses political and social action and involvements while Lutheranism does not but focuses on individual salvation.

Gordon: When did you attend Princeton Theological Seminary and what was the most challenging course that you took and why?

Andrew: I attended Princeton theological seminary from 1969 to 1973 and I found the most challenging courses were reading the Hebrew Bible, especially Genesis, Psalms and parts of Job.

Gordon: Where did you receive your law degree?

Andrew: I earned my JD law degree from Villanova Law School in 1976.

Gordon: What interested you in International Human Rights?

Andrew: My interest in Human Rights stemmed from my religious beliefs and theological studies which focused on the command of Christ to love your neighbor

Gordon: You are a prolific writer. What are the topics of your most successful books?

Andrew: The books most popular are essays on the Christian worldview and essays on faith culture politics and philosophy which have had wide international sales.

Gordon: You are also a business consultant. What type of consulting services do you provide?

Andrew: Speakers and writings where my consulting has been most active.

Gordon: You have a popular podcast, Who are some of the people that you have interviewed on your podcast and how can our readers access it?

Andrew: Emmanuela Musso from the United Nations and a Muslim scientist from Istanbul who agreed with one on the issue of creationism as opposed to evolution, My podcasts are fully available on my website. for downloading.

Gordon: What is your opinion are some of the most challenging factors affecting the current practice of religion globally?

Andrew: The most challenging of the church in the world is to preserve and present the true and orthodox Christian faith without compromise.

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