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An Interview with Anna Nuzzo

Gordon: To what parish are you a member and what are some aspects of the parish do you find most rewarding?

Anna: We (my family) are happy members of St. Anne Catholic Parish in Pleasant Prairie, WI. Our church is another home to us. We have made many close friendships with other parishioners and they are truly like family. My husband and I are both involved in ministries there. I cantor when I am available. Our pastor, Fr. Bob Weighner, is such a blessing to us. He has helped enrich our spiritual life tremendously.

Gordon: When and where did you study singing?

Anna: I started singing in elementary school for Masses, which led to my cantoring professionally in high school for Weddings and Funerals. I’m a self-taught pianist. I took some music courses and voice lessons at university too, UW Parkside in Kenosha WI.

Gordon: Please list the albums that you have recorded,

Anna: BE LOVE, Songs of Faith, Hope & Love

BELIEVE - Inspirational Songs & Stories with Fr. Domenic Roscioli

PRAY the CHAPLET of DIVINE MERCY featuring Fr. Dan Cambra, MIC

AMAZING MERCY –-Songs & Stories of Hope with Jeannie Ewing

The Holy Rosary - with Fr. Chris Alar, MIC

I’m excited to be working on my 6th CD right now due out later this year, an all Marian CD!

Gordon: Who are some of your favorite singers?

Anna: Steven Curtis Chapman, Amy Grant, Michael Buble, Celine Dion, Frank Sinatra

Gordon: When and why did you start composing songs?

Anna: It began in 2012 when I consecrated myself to Jesus through Mary doing the “33 Days to Morning Glory” program by Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC. I came home from the first day of the group meeting, and was drawn to my piano to write a song based on the Marian Consecration Prayer I just learned! So I went over to my piano and prayed, then sat down with that Prayer in front of me. The music just came to me so quickly and the song was done in about an hour! Totally divine intervention!

Gordon: When did you realize that music could be a ministry?

Anna: I had begun singing some of my songs at my church, St. Anne’s in Pleasant Prairie WI. Many people began coming up to me after Mass, asking about my music, and telling me they thought I should create a CD because they loved my songs. So I did. Then once my CD debuted, I started getting calls and emails from organizations and churches that wanted me to go sing there. So my music ministry just began organically like that... I never set out to do this. It wasn’t my plan in life. But after my Marian Consecration, I truly became an instrument to spread God's love and mercy through song! It’s been a very beautiful and amazing blessing in my life! And now that both of my sons are away from college, It is a very big part of my life, which includes a lot of traveling, which I love to do.

Gordon: When and why did you become a host for Shalom World TV

Anna: I was introduced to Shalom World TV in 2016 in Chicago. They loved my music and

I asked me to come to the studio and they would create some music videos for me/my songs. Well, we hit it off so well that they asked me to begin hosting some programs. Then in 2018, they created a brand new program for me to host, called SING 4 HIM. I signed on to host 12 episodes which I did, It was an amazing experience.

Gordon: Please provide an overview of your activities as a pilgrimage host for Select International Tours and what are some of the most interesting places where you have traveled?

Anna: I’m excited to be a new Pilgrimage Host for Select! Because I’m a singer, I get to sing for all the daily Masses and sometimes do concerts at the locations. Through Select, I have been to the Holy Land twice and Italy once. The Holy Land was new to me. I had never been there before but always wanted to go. It was very moving to be there! It truly does bring the Gospel to life when I am in the church here. I can actually picture & remember many of the places scripture talks about… I think every Christian needs to visit and walk in Jesus’ footsteps! I'm also thrilled to be hosting a Marian Pilgrimage to France this year in Oct. 6-18th with Fr. Mark Baron, MIC. It's going to be amazing! See my website at for details on that!

Gordon: What are some of the retreats at which you have performed?

Anna: I’ve performed at many different types of events: Conferences, Retreats, Missions, evening events, Special Masses, etc. Some of my highlights can be seen on this flyer, which I will attach.

Gordon: In closing, I suggest that our readers check out your amazing performances and music videos on YouTube, My favorite is Ave Maria.

I also wanted to share your latest video.

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