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An Interview with Cristovao Dasilva

Gordon: When did you attend Senior College Dun Laoghai, what was your degree, and what is one of your favorite memories when you  were there?


Chris: I attended Senior College Dun Laoghaire from September 2002 to June 2005, I had GDBM (Graduate Diploma in Business Studies). My favourite memories was first to be admitted to the College and my graduation day


Gordon: When did you serve as as Sales Agent Canada Life in Dublin and what did you like most about your work?


Chris: I served as Sales Agent at Canada Life in Dublin from March 2006 to February 2007. I liked the professional side of the work, I gained my first experience at office work, I had a good manager and mentor.


Gordon: When did you serve as Agent Administrator at STV Multichoice Africa in Johannesburg South Africa and what were your   primary responsibilities?


Chris: I served as Agent Administrator at DSTV Multichoice Africa from February 2008 to April 2010. I was responsible for liaising with agents and franchises for the following

countries: Angola; Malawi; Mozambique; DRC; Zimbabwe and 3rd Parties; management of the retail, sundry, subscription and commission accounts; Reconciling all accounts; Filing; Closing of the period and prepare monthly report.


Gordon: For our readers who may not be familiar with South Africa, about what percentage of South Africa is Catholic, and what  is the leading religion in South Africa?


Chris: In South Africa about 7% (6.8%) are Catholics, the leading religion is/are African Independent Church at 25% followed by Pentecostalism at 15% and Catholicism is the 3rd at 7%, 4th is Methodist/Methodism with 5%...


Gordon: What did you enjoy most when worked as an Accountant at OTSV Multichoice Angola?


Chris: At DSTV Multichoice Angola I enjoyed being at home, the team was very young and dynamic, with a very friendly environment, I kept most of those friendships up to now


Gordon: What were your primary responsibilities when you served at ISPOCA Cazenga -Luanda


Chris: At ISPOCA I had the responsibilities of Admin and General Accounting; provided support to Human Resources, financial advice to the owner and the



Gordon: What is one of your most memorable memories when you worked as Credit Control Manager G4S Angola?


Chris: My memorable memories as Credit Control Manager at G4S Angola was being recognised as the employee of the month, avoiding bad debt, being able to recover payments from the clients that were no longer our clients, submitting reports on time


Gordon: You currently serve in two positions as Finance & Administration Manager at Security Service Force III Lda and  Program & Admin Associate Jesuit Refugee Service in Luanda. What are you primary responsibilities at each organization?


Chris: At Security Service Force III my primary responsibilities were: Responsible for payable and receivable accounts; General accounting, provided support/assistance to Human Resource, Operations and Managing Director and Reporting.


At Jesuit Refugee Service my responsibilities were: to develop and strengthen the needs assessment; raise funds for the projects, evaluate the quality of the projects, oversee the work of the project coordinators; provide assistance and supervision to logistics, finance, human resources, social assistance, GBV, Legal protection, Child protection; Prepare reports; respond to the audits, conduct M&E, maintain good relationships with other stakeholders.


Gordon: Poverty is high in South Africa estimated at 62.7 percent in 2023 and inequality remains among the highest in the world.  What commendations would you suggest to the government to reduce these challenges?


Chris: First the government and the population in general have to acknowledge and accept that there is poverty in very high percentage, over 55%, and what are their causes. The Major causes of poverty, precipitated by a history of apartheid, involve disparities in the distribution of resources, coupled with poor educational opportunities. Non-whites have also had poor access to job opportunities and health care—known catalysts in the generation and cycle of poverty. Therefore the government need to fight corruption, provide education to all and this will also mean access to better jobs, improve the health care system, the education, provide jobs and security to people. Invest in agriculture, stop relying only in the minerals such as gold, diversify the economy, the sources of income. Stop corruption and crime.


Gordon: Thank you for a great and informative interview.

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