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An Interview with Denis Grady

Gordon: When and why did you found Franciscan and Friends Music Missions and What is your mission?

Denis: Franciscan & Friends began in 2002 at World Youth Day in Toronto. An Italian parish invited a group of musicians to do a tour. Our mission is creating community with music.

Gordon: In what countries have your performed?

Denis: Trinidad, Barbados, Grenada, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Guatemala, Belize, Dominican Republic, Canada & the United States.

Gordon: What some of more memorable experiences had you have had performing?

Denis: Playing a prison in Trinidad. The recovering addicts and alcoholics on our team shared their testimonies and the prison band played for us. Another was a mental institution in St. Vincent. We were paling music in the courtyard and all the patients started to dance.

Gordon: Please share with our readers one of your videos

Gordon: What impact has the Covid-19 pandemic had upon your work?

Denis: We feel God is ever-present and provides innovative ways to minister via zoom, phone, and mail during this time. We are never discouraged. God can handle anything!

Gordon: How does music bring us closer to God?

Denis: We believe music is our eternal vocation. We sing for God now and soon before His throne. The scripture has called us to sing!

Gordon: How can our readers help your organization?

Denis: We love prayer. We ask the Holy Spirit to speak to those God wants on the team. Some join the mission, some donate but everybody can pray.

Gordon: Thank you for your inspirational work and a great interview.


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