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An Interview with Dennis Francisco

Gordon: To what parish do you belong and what do you like most about your parish?

Dennis: I belong to St. Clement Parish here in Angono, Rizal under the Vicariate of St. John the Baptist, Diocese of Antipolo, Suffragan of Manila. Created: January 24, 1983. Erected: June 25, 1983. Comprises the whole province of Rizal, with the following towns and municipalities: Angono, Antipolo, Baras, Binangonan, Cainta, Cardona, Jalajala, Montalban (Rodriguez), Morong, Pililla, San Mateo, Taytay, Teresa, Tanayand the whole city of Marikina. Titular: Our Lady of Peace

and Good Voyage

Community outreach and activities are highlighted in our parish. Let me mention some of the following: Legion of Mary, Rosary Crusade, Charismatic Prayer Meeting, Health Check-Up are just a few of the activities conducted in our parish.

What I like most is the celebration of the Sacred Host in our parish. I can have enough time to celebrate with the community and with my family.

Gordon: Why inspired you to be a teacher?

Dennis: I am a former Franciscan Seminarian (OFM). Seminary formation taught me a lot in dealing with different walk-of-lives. It inspired me to share what I have learned inside the seminary. To live the simple life, like St. Francis of Assisi and St. Claire of Assisi. After seven years in the seminary, I asked my former Bishop Protacio G. Gungon to give me a few months of life outside the seminary. But GOD’s grace and providence, Bishop Gungon asked me to teach instead in the parochial school administered by Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres beside Antipolo Cathedral.

I stayed there for a year and found love in teaching kids. Later years, I took the licensure examination for teachers and blessing in disguised, I passed the said exam and continue teaching as a professional and decided not to continue the seminary formation.

Gordon: Where did you attend colleges and what was your most challenging course and why?

Dennis: I am a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Theology, Major in Religious Studies; Minor in Philosophy and Social Studies at Our Lady of the Angels Franciscan Seminary in Novaliches, Quezon City.

Apostolate activity/class at Leprosarium at Tala, Caloocan was the most unforgettable moment in my college years. I had a community works to the lepers with some hospital staff. Their deep faith in GOD inspired me a lot. Teaching Theology was the objective of the class, but the other way around happened, the lepers taught me/us the true meaning of GOD’s unending love and guidance. Their lives were the true symbol of sacrifice and life’s offering.

Gordon: What courses do you teach at Carlos Botong Francisco MNHS?

Dennis: Carlos “Botong” V. Francisco MNHS is a government school. In my first job, there was a Guidance Counselor. I handled individual and group counseling, Career Coaching and Planning, Referral to other government and private agencies for further assistance to the concerned student/s. I assisted the school head to some administrative functions.

Currently, I am a Senior High School Teacher and teaching Trends, Networks, Critical Thinking in the 21st Century Culture and Work Immersion Teacher / Focal Person to the Grade 12 students.

Gordon: What has been your most memorable experience as a teacher?

Dennis: There are so many to mention if the experience is the topic. But let me dwell on the experience of not only being a teacher but an adviser to one of the graduating class of General Academic Strands (GAS-A). It is memorable in the sense that every day I see to it that every single student that I have is in the classroom and attending to their class. Guiding them individually to their needs as a student and as a child of their biological family. Providing them ideas and plans in their next level of education after Senior High. Giving them shoulders and ears to lean on during their falls. Sharing a smile with them during their victories.

Gordon: What impact has your family had upon your approach to teaching?

Dennis: My family is always on my side, supporting me in my endeavor as a teacher and a father to my own kids. They are always helping me in my needs as well as I provide them their needs. It is a give and takes ambiance with my family.

Gordon: What are some of the counseling challenges that you need to address as a teacher?

Dennis: The financial assistance of my students is a big challenge in my teaching career. Almost all of my students are in the middle to lowest income generating families. Some of them entering the classroom with empty stomachs and others are sleepy as they are working after their classes (working student).

A challenge that every single teacher teaching in a government school in the Philippines.

Gordon: What impact has technology has on teaching?

Dennis: Technology is a great help nowadays! Technology in teaching ease the workloads of all teachers/educators, most especially in classroom discussions. As a teacher of Trends, Networks and Critical Thinking in the 21st Century Culture, I am using an online application that I can easily upload lectures, reading materials, test/examination and even in giving homework to my students. Online communication through social media created the world in a smaller version in a palm.

Gordon: Your students are fortunate to have you as a teacher.

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