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An interview with Dr. V. Andrew Godwin

Akwinrex; As a cancer patent with a rare pituitary gland cancer, I thought that sharing this interview could be helpful to other cancer patients.

Alwinrex: Tell me about yourself and where you practice?

Dr. Godwin : I practice Naturopathy and I am a ,Herbal and Diet consultant. My practice is in the Hospital Vettuvenni, Marthandam, Tamil Nadu, India.

Alwinrex: What is the reason for you to become a naturopath?

Dr. Godwin: Naturopathy means natural cure. Diet yoga and herbal remedies are good solution for malnutrition .so I choose naturopath.

Alwinrex: Can you explain the benefits of natural medicine?

Dr. Godwin: Natural medicine is safe and effective, no side effects and no post effects. life style advice to promote health and prolonging life.

Alwinrex: Are people beginning to realize the wonders of natural medicine today? Otherwise what awareness do you think is needed?

Dr. Godwin: Current people get sick due to over eating , irregular food habits and lack of sleep. so the people need awareness of naturopathy and yoga to understand these things.

Alwinrex: What advice would you give to control or prevent cancer through natural medicine?

Dr. Godwin: prevent cancer:

*Eat cooked food twice a day.

*Eat fruits and vegetables once a day.

*Avoid spicy foods.

*Exercise twice a day.

*Drink eight glass of water daily.

*Fast once a week.

*Pray twice a day.

Alwinrex: How many patients have you treated at your hospital so far? Are you satisfied with patient support?

Dr. Godwin: l have seen 35m000 patients so far many have been rehabilitated on many people got cure out of our service.

Alwinrex: What do we need to do to live a healthy life?

Dr. Godwin: Good water, healthy air, three course meal perform fitness walking or yoga practice daily, time to sleep, meditation, eat more vegetables and fruits.

Alwinrex: What are some of the ideas you will come up with in this interview to reach out to the world about the benefits of natural medicine?

Dr. Godwin: We have to give naturopathy awareness to the people. And make them to understand the nutritional deficiency disease and life style disorders and prevent from food adulteration.

Alwinrex: Can competition in the medical field be considered a setback for natural medicine to reach people?

Dr. Godwin: If follow our traditional foods and grandmother medicine and also change our lifestyle then we can live longer , live healthy without disease.

Alwinrex: Thank you for a great interview.

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