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An Interview with Edgar Manuel Vargas Gallegos

Gordon: What are your responsibilities at our Lady of Guadalupe Pariah in Nairobi, Kenya ?

Edgar: I am in charge of the youth group in Makina, Kibera, and give them a holistic formation.

Gordon: How many people does your parish serve?

Edgar: About 10 thousand people I estimate. I am not sure

Gordon: What are some of the challenges affecting young people in Kenya?

Edgar: There many problems that we consider, such as that many young people live in the poverty because of lack of jobs. Some of them have been on drugs, and lack serious relationships. We are living a kind of life where sex has become a part of their normal lives. But there is no love just pleasure, and the poverty has made the ladies look for sponsors. There more problems, but I want to put emphasis on this.

Gordon: You have some experience in conflict resolution. Please provide an overview of some of the challenges that you have addressed.

Edgar: I have faced many problems, especially among some gangs, or misunderstandings with the people. Some years ago I used to address the problems of teenagers; I started a group for them. We did many activities to involve them, like seminars about justice and peace, and activities like promoting sports.

Gordon: Please chare with our readers an overview of your studies at the Hekima Institute of Peace Studies and International Relations

Edgar: it is a good institution where I am studying religion right now because it the most important subject to help address the dignity of our people.

Gordon: May God continue to bless and inspire you in your important work.


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