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An Interview with Father Bruno Anyanwu

Gordon: When did you attend Boston College, what degree did you earn?


Father Bruno: Thank you Gordon, I was enrolled in Boston College. I received a Masters in Clinical Social Work.

Gordon: When did you attend Federal University of Technology Owerri Nigeria, what diploma did you receive, what was your favorite class, and why was it your favorite?


Father Bruno: I attended Federal University of Technology Owerri from 2018 - 2021 with Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health Technology. My favourite class was Epidemiology; it was my favorite because it really exposed me to know how diseases occur in different groups of people and the remote causes of diseases.


Gordon: When did you attend Africa Society of Healthcare Professionals, what certificates did you earn?                                 


Father Bruno:  I attended Africa Society of Healthcare Professionals from July, 2023 to January, 2024 with Certificates in Advanced Trauma Life Support and Dementia Care. My favorite teacher was Ms. Oluchi, who was so caring, and knew know how to impact knowledge to her students and have good teacher/student relationship.


Gordon: Please provide an overview of your time at Seat of Wisdom Seminary Owerri Nigeria/Imo University Owerri Nigeria.


Father Bruno:  Seat of Wisdom Seminary is a home cannot easily forget because we lived like a family there.


Gordon: Please share with us an overview of your work as Administration Assistant Catholic Diocese of Umuahia.


Father Bruno:  It gave me opportunities to reach out the people especially the poor ones and knew how they suffering.


Gordon: What are some of the most challenging diseases to treat in Nigeria?


Father Bruno:  Malaria, Kidney diseases and Cancer.


Gordon: There is considerable violence again Christians in Nigeria. Have you or anyone that you know been affected by the violence?


Father Bruno:  Yes of course, Christians are really suffering in Nigeria by Boko Haram. Priests are been kidnapped on a regular basis, some have been killed.


Gordon: I am asking all of our readers to pray for your safety.

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