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An Interview with Gibril Bah

Gordon: Tell us about yourself

Gibril: I am Gibril from The Gambia it’s located in West Africa I am living with my step mother and my younger siblings but I lost both of my parents I am living in a village called Brikama Jidda as The Gambia here is 75% Muslims and 25 Christian I am running a community group in our village every Sunday to talk about the words of God. I like to hear the words of God with the younger ones and the village people

Gordon: Tell us about your faith

Gibril: The people who go to the community center as the Christians in our village actually, we don’t have a church building we use to meet at the community center and the people are having a lot of faith in the Lord .4. The people who go to my church community center are living in the Village And they are poor people as we are living in a poor community All their needs are food. Bibles, and building a church,

and chairs. I am interested in working as a man to hear God words

Gordon: Tell us about your school

Gibril: I was going to Brikama high school, but I was drop out of school when I was at grade 10 I lost my father and I did not have any sponsor so I stop and concentrate on the community church meeting.

Gordon: What are your hopes and dreams?

Gibril: The hopes and dreams I have are that all the children of God understand the lord is here for us we have to follow the words of the lord for the better for us all..And I hope that the children of God will listen to me. Gordon: I am asking all of our readers to pray for you.

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