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An Interview with Isaiah Fleck

by Gordon Nary

Gordon: You just finished your exams at the University of North Georgia. Are you pleased with the results?

Isaiah: This semester was not quite what I had hoped for regarding grades and my GPA. I strive to get all A’s and this semester, I hit a bit of a sophomore slump you could say. I took on a lot of extra curricular-activities and I started to spend more time with friends and doing things that I enjoy. Although my grades were not quite to par with my previous semesters, I will be able to go forward having learned a lot about being more balanced as well as managing my time.

Gordon: What has been you favorite course and why?

Isaiah: Although I am a marketing major, my favorite class would have to be World History. I have always really enjoyed studying history, and this was definitely the most enjoyable class that I have taken. We always had great discussions and our professor really made us think rather than just memorizing information for future tests. The Church came up quite a few times and I enjoyed these discussions because people have so many misconceptions and misunderstandings about what the Church teaches. Being able to have a discussion about our faith in a classroom environment and the fact that I am a history nerd made this my favorite class so far.

Gordon: You took a year off as a missionary with the Regnum Christi Mission Corps. Please share with our readers what were your responsibilities were and what you learned.

Isaiah: My year as a Regnum Christi Missionary was one of the best times of my life. I worked in the D.C. area leading after school programs with the Catholic schools around the city. In addition I lead weekend retreats, high school youth groups, and other apostolates. I lived in a community with two other missionaries, two seminarians, and ten priests. I was surrounded by a community dedicated to serving others and serving Christ, which was an amazing experience. This year helped my human and intellectual growth and especially in developing my relationship with Christ. The missionaries and myself had several prayer commitments, starting our day with a thirty minute meditation prior to mass, reciting the angelus in the afternoon along with the rosary, and thirty minutes in front of the Blessed Sacrament before going to bed. These commitments have helped set the tone for my college years and beyond. This year is where God became the #1 priority in my life and helped me to put others before myself. Although I am no longer a missionary, it taught me a great deal about serving Christ and doing the little things for Him. Not hitting the snooze button for a few minutes of prayer, or simply inviting someone to mass or adoration can go a long way toward another’s salvation, and your own.

Gordon: Based on your experience, what are some of the major spiritual challenges affecting young People and what can all of us do help address these challenges?

Isaiah: There are so many spiritual challenges facing young people that it is hard to just pin point a few. I think one that is often over looked by my generation is that we are in the middle of a battle and that the devil is doing everything he can to win over our souls. Jesus Christ won the war through His sacrifice; however, the battle for our souls is far from over. If we really recognized how serious and dire the situation is, shouldn’t we be doing everything we can to win this battle? How much are we willing to sacrifice in order to achieve victory with Christ? It’s a difficult question to ask yourself especially when you recognize the importance of sacrificing material needs to grow in Christ.

One of the biggest struggles that young people face is the cultural norms regarding sexual impurities. Contraception and pornography have become so normal that to oppose them is now met with negative reactions. I know so many great guys who are unaware just how damaging pornography is to their brain and their soul. It takes a great deal to overcome these temptations and overcoming them is only possible through Christ.

Many young people when asked will probably say that their faith and their relationship with Christ is the most important part of their life. But often times we don’t live this out and we get caught up with the many distractions that this world has to offer. Silence is hard to find in today’s world but something I have come to embrace in my relationship with Christ. More often than not young people avoid silence and have to have their music on, or some form of social media at their fingertips. It’s hard to unplug and find silence but it’s something that my generation can work on, in order to become closer to Christ.

Gordon: What are your professional goals after you graduate?

Isaiah: I am currently a cadet and a member of the Ranger Challenge team in the Army ROTC program at the University of North Georgia. I have always wanted to be in the Army and it will be a dream come true for me to commission as an officer upon graduation. I am hoping to branch infantry or engineering and serve my country for as long as I am called to do so. I don’t plan on making a career out of it as I have many other goals and interests; however I am open to whatever God has planned.

This past semester some friends and I started a boxing club at North Georgia where I am currently the president of the club. I have trained in mixed martial arts and boxing the last two years and it’s something I really have a passion for. I’m not sure what this passion will turn into down the road, but I can see myself coaching and training others in mixed martial arts and self-defense.

My major is marketing with a concentration is sales. I knew that I wanted to major in business; however, I just recently chose this specific concentration. I like that sales is personal and that it involves interacting with people. I’m not sure what I will do with this degree or what I want to do in business but it is something that I will consider getting into after I get out of the Army. If I don’t go into business, I may continue to serve my country in some capacity outside of the military. Protecting and serving my country has always been very appealing to me, and I could see myself continuing this mission domestically. I have many different interests and goals and I am not sure what I will end up doing. I will always keep my options open and I trust that God will lead me where He wants me.

Gordon: Thank you for a beautiful and insightful interview


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