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An Interview with Jacob Mutua

by Gordon Nary

Gordon: Where did you attend college and what was your major?

Jacob: I attended Tangaza University College a constituent college of Capistrano Unified Education Association (CUEA).

My major was youth ministry

Gordon: What was your most interesting course and why was it so interesting?

Jacob: My most interesting course was youth and media. It was so because media presents the world to youth people as a friendly but distanced.

Gordon: When and where did you start working as a Prison Officer and what are your primary responsibilities?

Jacob: I started to work at Meru Prison in 2005. My responsibilities are keeping offenders in safe custody, producing them in court, escorting them to work parties, and ensuring they are well guarded whenever admitted in hospital.

Gordon: You are also catechist. What are of the challenges in serving as a catechist?

Jacob: There several but one of the most striking is addressing the physical needs of prisoners. There is no allocation to help meet our needs.

Gordon: In closing this interview, here is a video about Kitengela GK Prison.

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