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An Interview with John Preiss

Updated: May 27, 2018

By Gordon Nary

Gordon: When did you join Resurrection Chapel?

John: Actually, my family and I have just joined this Parish.  We have met many good people in the parish and what really was enticing to us is their openness to homeschooling families.  We are looking forward to getting more involved in this little rural parish.

Gordon You have written three books on the message of  Our Lady of Fatima. What inspired your special devotion to our Lady of Fatima?

John: Well, Gordon in 2003 I was fortunate to meet the “Fatima Priest”, Father Robert J. Fox and he really inspired me with his work in the Fatima message.  Father and I became close friends and eventually he asked me to be the President of the Apostolate. 

I had come to the realization that the message of Fatima coincides with our Catholic faith.  The message includes, Mass, Adoration, Penance, Prayer and Sacrifice. These are all elements of our Faith.  So Our Lady asks us to live out this message in our daily lives.

Gordon  When did you start publishing the Fatima Family Newsletter?

John: Originally we published a beautiful magazine, The Immaculate Heart Messenger.  As time went on, I realized financially it was best to switch to a newsletter format to keep our followers and members in tune to the message and events from the Apostolate.

Gordon: You are also the President of Fatima Family Aposolate International. Please share with our readers and overview of your mission.

John: The mission is fairly simple yet difficult to apply.  The Fatima Family Apostolate was founded in 1986 by Father Fox to promote the true message of Fatima and the sanctification of families.  Gordon, today families are under attack and Our Apostolate has resources to combat these attacks.  Sr. Lucia of Fatima also said that the final battle between the devil will be with the family.

Gordon You are a leading global expert in social media. What, in your opinion, are the advantages of parishes using social media to evangelize?

John: Thank you for the compliment.  In my opinion, social media allows us to reach many more people than we could on a daily basis.  Parishes can offer more opportunities to parishioners by offering online courses, spiritual talks and online prayer groups.  It’s a great tool, but like anything moderation is the key. Sometimes I find myself in tune to much to social media to promote the Fatima message and this takes me away from my family.  So balance in everything.

Gordon What, in your opinion, are the most pressing spiritual challenges that Catholics face in contemporary society?                 

John: The family is under attack bigger than ever, from abortion to transgender people.   This all stems from dysfunctional family life.  As parents,  we were not given manuals on how to direct and train our children.  Since family and marriage was created by God, we have to go back to Him. 

God is merciful.  Many people are digging and falling deeper and deeper in sin.  People need to realize that God is merciful and that they can be forgiven.  This will change their hearts and once this happens it will carry over into society and that’s when we will be able to see a difference.  As Christians. we have to continue to pray for those that are living in grave sin and give them hope.

Gordon Thank you for a great interview and your spiritual leadership.

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