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An Interview with José V. Rodríguez León

José V.  Rodríguez León is a young professional that works at Medical Center of Puerto Rico. He is from Guaynabo , Commonwealth of Puerto Rico  Recently, he became the father of Valentín Ignacio Rodríguez Fernández.

A graduate from the University of Puerto Rico, School of Medicine, he lives with his family in Guaynabo.

Carmen: At what parish were you baptized?

José: At Sagrados Corazones in Guaynabo according to my Mom.

Carmen: What motivated you to continue graduate studies in the UPR School of Medicine?

José: I like science and I like people.

Carmen: It has been your lot to live in this moment of the Island’s History which has been denominated the Great Depression of Puerto Rico. How has it affected your professional life?

José: Mostly, the current situation has had a major impact in the way my postgraduate training evolves. Medical Center of Puerto Rico is a direct victim of the Island’s debt crisis which affects its operations in many ways from the lack of specialized equipment needed for the work to the attitude of the technical personnel.

Carmen: One of the most challenging threats the Island confronts at this moment is the Zika Virus. Could you share with our readers how it affects your professional life?

José: At the moment I work as an Anatomy Pathology Internist. I have only come into contact with one placenta allegedly from a woman infected with the Zika Virus. It did not test for pathological changes. I heard one of my coworkers was absent for three days because of alleged infection from the virus. Many say this is only the mass hysteria in vogue that will take another name in a year. A confirmed death from the virus, on the other hand, might change that impression.

Carmen: What could the parishes do to help the community cope with this and the other challenges the Island face at this moment?

José: Promote critical thinking; challenge the rumors that have no rational base. Faith is important, but it does not exclude the reasonable doubt that should guide rational action.

Carmen: I know that following the example of Jesus Christ, many of us pray and act on behalf of the the poor.

José: There is a place for prayer in our lives, but it must be followed by decisive action to address the challenges driving us to prayer.

As the poet once said.

“Glory to the Tainian hands for they have labored.

Glory to the African hands for they have abored.

Glory to the European hands for they have labored.

From those hands sprang forth our homeland.”

Carmen: Why is it important to work and to strive for excellence in our work?

José: Because life is a gift from God and surely when we die we will be called to answer for the way we used the gift. Everything we do with our life defines who we are as human beings. As Roberto Celemente used to say, a life not lived in the service of others is a wasted life

Carmen: José, Thank you for the interview.

José: My pleasure.


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