Updated: Oct 20, 2018

by Eileen Quinn Knight, Ph.D

Dr. Knight: What brought you to Holy Name Cathedral? What factors appealed to you?

Mark Teresi: I was invited by Father Greg to work in the parish. I had worked for him before at another parish. I knew there were challenges but I was called to this ministry. Another wonderful gift I have is that of music. I have conducted and taught +30 boys choirs. I went to Quigley like many of the people I work with.

Dr. Knight: What do you think your mission is at Holy Name?

Mark Teresi: I am the assistant to the rector for buildings and planning. I want to develop systems for the future.

Dr. Knight: What have other parishioners said that has supported your decision to be here?

Mark Teresi: The deep faith they have helps me to know the path I should follow. All believe know that we need to bring Christ to others.

Dr. Knight: What kinds of issues do you cover in your work?

Mark Teresi: I am a systems analyst and will develop a system for here as we move forward.

Dr. Knight: Is it beneficial to collaborate on issues you are in charge of?

Mark Teresi: I collaborate with Father Greg and the staff, the parish pastoral council, the commissions, past friends and people I have worked with.

Dr. Knight: What do you think are the strengths of the parish?

Mark Teresi: Resources of people/staff Leadership which is the heart of service

History of the cathedral. The ability to be flexible and prepare for the future.

Dr. Knight:: What are the weaknesses of the parish?

Mark Teresi: There is a lack of systems. We walk by faith; not by sight

Dr. Knight: Is there any one thing you would like to happen here that hasn’t yet?

Mark Teresi: Fully developed strategic planning model leads to future good Fully developed stewardship which leads to an appropriate model that will lead to growth and a fuller endowment.

Dr. Knight: What is your favorite leisure time activity?

Mark Teresi: Recently, on a wonderful spring day, my wife and I took a ride in the car, really going nowhere. It was so much fun just being with her and really just enjoying all the aspects of Spring and a wonderful conversation with each other. I also love playing the guitar and playing with my granddaughters.

Dr. Knight: What is your favorite book? Movie?

Mark Teresi: The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World. My favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz. My favorite personally is Moonstruck or Rush Hour.

Dr. Knight: What was something that you really enjoyed? Made people laugh?

Mark Teresi: I like listening to Father Dominic Grassi, he is a standup comic besides everything else.

Dr. Knight: Thank you so much for this interview that you have provided Profiles in Catholicism. We enjoy stories that point to engaging people in the work of the Church.