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An RCIA Interview with Juan Merheb

Why I Joined RCIA

An RCIA Interview with Juan Merheb

by Eileen Quinn Knight, Ph.D.

Eileen: Describe one of the events in the RCIA program that you really liked

Juan: The Easter Virgil was my favorite event. The wait was worthwhile  When I stepped in the fountain to be baptized. the water did not feel like water.  The feeling I had was the Holy Spirit was over me taking my sins away, and the hand of Ashley my sponsor felt heavy and warm, welcoming to my new home and family. 

Eileen: What made you want to come to RCIA?

Juan: Sense of closure with my grandmother and mother. They were very Catholic during their life on earth. I want them to be proud of my actions and they deserve that I accepted God as my savior. Through   Him I can communicate with my mothers. Was there support for all the activities you took part in? There was plenty support and love in all of the activities, I miss the Sunday's gathering 

Eileen: Was there enough explanation for the activities we did? 

Juan: The knowledge and support from all of our sponsor and RCIA team opened my mind to another  dimension of understanding and not to challenge that was the game changer and the blessing in the sky. 

Eileen: Was the retreat a meaningful experience for you?

Juan: I think the retreat created a comradeship with some of us. For example Ben, Matt and Michael  became closer to me as friends. 

Eileen: What was the role of your sponsor?

Juan: Ashley was my meditation partner she was my guide through this journey. She held my hand and walk with me. Any time she had to placed her hands over me the Holy Spirit will descend. 

Eileen: Did you work on your relationship with Jesus Christ?

Juan: Yes and I am working everyday to please Him with great actions and being the way he is telling me to be. He is my Lord and savior. 

Eileen: Did the liturgies (Masses) we had move you to understand Christ and His church?

Juan: I love liturgies and the message. Now I completely feel the need to attend to Mass. Being forgiven of my sins and welcomed to join the table of Christ every week is a gift of life. Leaving in peace makes me understand my reason on this earth. 


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