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Catholic Art Appreciation for Little Ones

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

by Nicole M. McGinnis

Reviewed by Eileen Quinn Knight, Ph.D. Profiles in Catholicism

There is a great deal of art in this book, it is beautiful. However, it is not for children, it could be for adults. As a child developmentalist the outpouring of detail into suffering, death and the fall of Adam and Eve is too invasive and intensive into the child’s young life. The depictions would create a great deal of worry in the child. It is also unfortunate that the pictures don’t name the artist. The art is filled with imaginative detail but the name of the artist is paramount.

The depiction of demons in the beginning of the book are detailed and frightening at the same time. The demons are caricatures that would appeal to junior high students who play the gruesome video games. The pictures of the suffering Jesus, certainly show the depth of his suffering. There is a warmth in the depiction of the angels and Mother Mary. The picture of Mother Mary on page 58 holding Jesus is a tender depiction of the Incarnation. The Woman at the Well on page 19 shows the mercy, kindness and presence of Jesus to the Samarian woman.

Each picture could certainly be utilized as a meditation for the day. I certainly admire the author for attempting to get all these pieces in one place. The Agony in the Garden on page 22 illustrates the misery of Jesus’ friends not being there. The Angel comforting Jesus in the picture makes a softer claim. It is one of my favorite pictures! There are also a great diversity of pictures of Mother Mary – all will be able to claim her as their own. Keep it in the hands of adults.

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