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Covid-19 Update from Kenya April 2020

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Kenya is a country in East Africa with a population of about 49.5 million, with 47 county governments [regional governments]. We had first experience of corona virus positive patient one month ago thereafter to date we have 186 confirmed positive patients on treatment, 6 deaths recorded so far the government projects increase to about 10 thousands patients in a months time when the rapid testing is done.   Thousands  are in quarantine centers, Two are  in police cells a deputy governor and a Catholic priest the two refused to isolate themselves knowing very well that they were positive to COVID 19 virus. so the authorities isolated them, treated them and arrested them immediately upon discharge. The government has converted some schools, hotels and government institutions into isolation centers. So far Kenya has closed her borders, and airspace save for cargo planes. We have also a national curfew from 7 pm to 5 am, all burials must be done in within 48 hours and only 15 immediate relatives are allowed to attend such burials, all market places are shut country wide bars closed learning institutions closed. So far 4 regional governments have been put on lockdown. These are the counties with the highest positive patients. The impact is so huge companies have closed, either sending workers on compulsory leave or laying off workers altogether. Due lack of income crime has gone up rent defaulters are high, we have some incidences where some landlords have removed roofs and doors of their houses in an attempt to evict tenants who can not afford to pay, public transport has tripled in terms of fare because buses are allowed to carry only half of their capacities , Majority of Kenyans now can't afford food and are facing starvation.


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