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Domestic Violence

Updated: Jun 24


A Prayer for the Victims of Domestic Violence:


Lord, you alone know what no one else knows;

You are beside me: Help me to remember you are there.

Oh Mary, I wore a crown of splendour, being chosen to be

Together, the bright sparkle of pleasure, dressing up

Looking to impress and to enjoy the other’s company,

Full of hope and the expectation of colourful days,

Small gifts, outings, cards and mutual helpfulness.

Lord, you alone know how being chosen, like a

Crowning, slips, little by little, on purpose or not?

Oh Mary, at first it seemed as if we upset each other and,

Bending the knee, as if apologies meant changes;

But then, like a circuit, we circle, wondering what

Will spark an outbreak, denting the crown a bit more,

Tilting it to slipping, wondering if we will lose it.

Lord, you alone know how a crown changes into a

Crown of thorns, the sharp ends upended and down.

Oh Mary, we are alone as our movements are tracked.

Our silence, bought by some unholy threat, is fragile,

As our every thought turns through the quagmire of

Escape, suicide, recapture, renewed torments, either

Verbal or worse, as the search for “out” goes “out”.

Lord, we hoped in change and change did not come,

Except that the thorns bit deeper and drew bloody tears.

Oh Mary, how slow we are to find the exit, as if its dark

And lightless, airless even, as we go about like dungeoned

Beasts, barely able to move unnoticed, but springing,

Like the new beginning we long for, at the opportunity

To suddenly go, begin again, get lost in a crowd and go

Lord, I know you are there, even if, at times I forget

You, for you came to make a home in me and stayed.

Oh Mary, St. Joseph, took the Holy Family to safety, take

Us, if we need to go, to a place out of reach, allowing healing-help

To come, bringing shelter from the blizzarding blasts of shame

Reproach, recrimination and withdrawal, hopelessly hoping

To forget what will not be forgotten but let forgiveness help.

Lord, I know you are both here and that you go ahead to

Where I cannot go alone, bring me the warmth of fellowship.

Oh Mary, visit the hearth of my heart, make it possible to love

Like you, in the darkness of faith, trusting in the mission of the

Church, seeking to succour us, and set a new crown upon our

Heads, signifying the enduring love that comes from you

And which will stay, night and endless day, blossoming life.

Lord, you sent your apostles into the world to seek out and

To heal illnesses, troubles and strife in all and in each of us.

Oh Mary, pass among us, opening doors and pointing the way,

Asking for our needs as you see them, inviting your Son and

His disciples to be present, to visit, to mend, to find a way to

Work together to do the good which needs to be done, undoing

The harm and transforming our experience into cutting edge help.

by Francis Etheridge, author of the now published!!!

Within Reach of You: A Book of Prose and Prayers:



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