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For Journalists

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

by Father Shay Cullen Profiles in Catholicism

They have stood for truth, a voice for right,

a hundred died in the journalistic fight.

They challenged wrong and risked all for what is good and bright.

Hail the writers, blow the trumpet loud and long,

They faced threats, harassment, they never bent or bowed,

They stood proud and strong.

The tellers of the truth live bravely as torches lighting up the dark,

Where evil deeds are done, and the victims suffer unheard in cruel prisons drank and stark.

Tyrants and dictators trample on their freedom and their rights,

They stifle cries in dungeons black and bare,

Brave journalists do survive to reveal the torture and the pain and horrific stories they write and share.

How many have they killed for unearthing hidden crimes and evil deeds,

Heroes blood has flowed and has soaked our minds and hearts and given life to dormant seeds.

In the garden of our minds and hearts may the truth germinate and grow,

May our words find expression be published so people trust and know,

With courage find the freedom to speak and share,

Shine the spotlight in the shadows and the dark,

Inspired by others on a journey to the truth and life, embark.


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