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How to Grow in Faith

by Michel Remery

To grow in faith is the most important thing people can do in life, so begins a book that will help you to do so. It means growing in a personal relationship with their God of love. And this growth has great and beautiful consequences, as all of us have experienced. Tweeting with God and Online with saints have given the author an opportunity to visit many places and cultures across the whole world. In spite of the many obvious differences, I continue to be surprised how the world truly is a global village. Although the globalization of the economic, social and technical media developments of recent years definitely contributes to bringing people together, I believe the main reason helps us experience the world as a completely different one.

To grow in faith means to grow in understanding of the family ties with God and with other people simultaneously. This course is intended as a joint adventure for people who are searching, questioning, doubting…and above all desiring to grow. They can be completely new to the faith or have many years of experience in their relationship with God. They can be seasoned teachers or beginning leaders. What they all have in common is the desire to grow in their faith and help others to do so.

This book came into being at the request of people from around the world who are using Tweeting with God and Online with Saints for faith formation in schools, parishes, communities and many more circumstances. During the writing process of the book, the author, could count on their feedback.

The reader will see that this book has two parts. The first pages called “Getting Started” introduces the approach, the course schedule and gives tips for moderating the meetings. The second part of the book describes how to go about the different meetings. May this book assist you in helping others to grow in faith—and advance in your personal relationship with on the way.

This is a detailed handbook for helping people to grow in faith. It covers all stages of the course: for the first meeting with the participants (and even their parents or spouses) to the detailed layout of every meeting. The content is based on the “Tweeting with God Book” and the connected online resources, videos, mobile apps and social media. Free downloads makes the course complete. How to grow in faith is about engaging with the participants where they are at. They, not the course, are the central focus, and not even God in a doctrinal sense. The program seeks to help them on their life journey, starting with their experiences and their questions at this moment. Discovering the closeness of God and his desire to enter into a relationship with each of the participants will hopefully develop into a more intimate knowledge of God which is the basis for all personal faith. Faith is all about a relationship with God and with others. This is a very helpful book for all those who wish to assist others on their journey.

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