Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Updated: Jul 1


The  love Prayer

Giving praise and thanks to you, O God

In whose image we have all been created,

We gather in faith and love,

Where through the power of the Spirit,

All our bodies,disabled and non disabled alike,

all become one Body in Christ Jesus.

With tender mercy and love you created life and hope

out of darkness and emptiness,

and then in your wisdom,

because you understood that human vulnerability

is the source of communion in the Kingdom,

you sent your only child to enter into the frailty of human life.

Your graciousness is a never-ending source of justice and mercy

best known to us through Jesus,

the Christ,Who in life, death and resurrection,

preached hope and inclusion.

Even when we sin by excluding

those who society pushes to the margins because they are different,

you continue to shower us with mercy by inviting us

back to the table of embodied love,

giving us yet another chance to taste and drink of a justice

that welcomes the estranged and the stranger as friend

and bids us, here and now,

to join you in building the Kingdom.

This is the preface from the "Eucharistic Prayer of Inclusion”


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